Discharge screen printing process


discharge screen printing process Discharge Printing. The difference is an additive that is used that actually “bleaches” out the dye used by the manufacturer and leaves either the natural color of the cotton or a pigmented color. Custom apparel is the best way to advertise your business. There is a discharge agent mixed into the ink that removes the manufacturer dye in the shirt. Discharge screen printing results in an extremely soft print that won’t fade with time. Our work is guaranteed to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Fresh Press fully stands behind our work and we firmly believe in delivering the best products possible to our clients. Simulated Process The Discharge Printing Process is slowly taking over the world of screen printing. It is one of the oldest techniques available for printing on garments. Printed materials with large areas of ground colour can be produced, the depth, levelness and penetration of which would be difficult, if not impossible, to obtain by a direct printing process. Course Objective:- Explore various stenciling techniques for screen printing on fabric, including:- Designs using acrylic paint Paper and Sticky backed plastic stencils Vilene stencils Discharge Paste processes This project should have been part of Assignment 2, but due to the amount of work I had already carried out for that assignment, plus the fact that… Screen printing techniques The screen-printing technique requires ink, a screen, squeegee and a stencil, at minimum. If for any reason we make a mistake printing your order or it is not what was agreed upon on the final artwork approval / falls outside of the listed terms & conditions, we will gladly reprint your order within 10 working days. Astro Screen Printing has an extensive ink stockpile. Unlike plastisol inks, discharge inks penetrate the fabric and evaporate the dye from the shirt, leaving your design in its place. It is taking the place of regular plastisol (plastic based) ink printing. 3. This print process results in a crisp finish that’s softer than standard screen printing (especially after washing). Hart heart Mind Soul and the HMS nation was founded in 1998 in order to provide graffiti artists with a productive outlet for expressing talent and ideas. Water Base Discharge Screen Printing Process. CSP Contract Screen Printing is a wholesale contract t-shirt screen printing and contract embroidery apparel decorator "only" We don't sell retail {or play both sides of the fence} so your contract screen printing, t-shirt heat transfers and embroidery jobs are always our number #1 priority. The process of screen printing is more or less the same, though water based inks are much harder on screens, and need to be washed immediately, before the ink clogs the screen. The Virus® Certified Water-based Mastery is the first international professional course designed for screen printing Companies who want to master water-based printing with confidence and profitability. Robert of Howtoscreenprint. At Threadbird, our standard printing style is called Premium Standard. It is a very cool technique that removes the dye from the fabric. This leaves you with the softest print (after wash). Discharge inks are experiencing what I would have to call a renaissance. Contract water based discharge screen printing is our specialty and it speaks loud for the quality that this ink system offers versus the common plastisol ink that the vast majority of contract screen printers use full time. Discharge printing is a screen printing process where the same techniques and equipment are used but instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used, which remove the shirt’s dye instead of putting a color on top of the shirt. Dye Discharge Printing: Discharge Printing is a method which uses a color destroying agent to bleach the dye from a garment. We have provided apparel and products to many customers throughout the central coast and surrounding areas. TECHNIQUES. The Holdens Discharge Ink System is designed as a 2-part system requiring 100% of the Discharge Base and 10% of the Discharge Activator. Screen Printing This is a technique that we have mastered over five years of experimenting with inks, emulsions, and garments. The Discharge Screen Printing Process is simply amazing. Happy Thanksgiving! We will be closing at noon on Wednesday, Nov 25th and will be closed on the 26th and 27th of Nove Read More » Cascadia Screen Printing is a custom screen printing & embroidery shop located in Spokane Wa. Colour matching and discharge tints . Our Aerotex ATEX series are air curable water based inks, while the DSPP discharge Inks are used to discharge print onto 100% cotton garments. As the discharge inks are printed and heat cured, the original dyes in the garment are being reduced, or “discharged” from the image area. When screen printing multiple colors on a large design, discharge screen printing is the most desired process. 1. The Discharge Printing Process is slowly taking over the world of screen printing. In this video we used the Hanes ComfortWashline with high mesh screens- and some dye discharge base with neo pigments added in We are your very own brand management and apparel division specializing in discharge screen printing on high end fabrics. We work with clients of all types, from seasoned apparel veterans to first-time printers. Pacific North Press is a screen printing company providing custom t shirts, custom apparel, custom stickers, custom posters, vinyl lettering, and custom decal printing services throughout Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Gresham, OR, and Beaverton, OR. Even rotary screen printing uses this process, though the mesh is fixed to a cylinder and the squeegee resides inside the cylinder. Discharge Printing Process, Discharge Printing Process Suppliers Directory - Find variety Discharge Printing Process Suppliers, Manufacturers, Companies from around the World at 3d printing service ,african wax prints fabric ,metallic processing machinery, Sheet Metal Fabrication Discharge inks – printing lighter colours onto dark backgrounds, it is quite clever how this process works. The four process inks are applied on paper or other substrates in layers of dots that combine to create the illusion of many more colors. Textile printing is the process of applying colour to fabric in definite patterns or designs. When we print with this technique we print the discharge under base, flash it, and then print plastisol colors on top wet on wet. Discharge printing is the process of using water-based inks with discharge additives to bleach the manufacturer’s dye out of a shirt and replace it with whatever ink color you choose. Screen printing can be done on a wide array of materials and products including t-shirts, shirts, sports jerseys, sweaters, hoodies, team apparel , bags, jackets, safety wear, and much more. The manual press allows us to be flexible with color changes and smaller design runs. We recommend using at least an 80% cotton/20% polyester zip up. Premium Retail Ready Screen Printing Quality custom screen printed apparel is an art form. Although apparently developed from the hand painting of fabrics, such methods are also of great antiquity. Discharge printing that uses a special water-based ink that has a “discharge agent” additive. Printing is carried out after pre-treatment of fabric or after dyeing of the fabric. Discharge printing is a method of printing that water-based ink that soaks into a shirt’s fabric. Whether you need Michigan Custom T-Shirts for business, school, bands or more, Grand Rapids Screen Printing offers specialty screen printing and cutting edge printing styles to suit your needs. Through it is not as environmentally friendly as the Enviro Line Water Based Inks, discharge water based screen printing inks A multitude of techniques taking brands to new heights. If you are getting tired of the same old types of prints and are looking for something new and fresh to stand out from the crowd, look no further. Half tones are areas of the design that is made up of small dots of ink to give the illusion of fades or shadows. Water based discharge inks are injected into the shirt as opposed to being printed on the surface of the apparel. Printing onto light fabrics with transparent inks allows to obtain prints with a very soft final touch. America's premier screen printing and sticker distributor. Discharge Printing is a method of printing, using inks that contain a bleaching agent. 1 A Review of Discharge Printing By Jai I? Sharma, Safer Textiles, Newark, N. discharge screen printing Discharge inks are similar to water based inks as they soak into the garment and leave a very soft hand. Plasticharge is the process of adding plastisol pigment to a discharge agent to remove the dye in the garment and replace it with pigment. We are known for our advancements made in the specialty market including oversize screen printing, jumbo screen printing, discharge screen printing, water based screen printing and contract screen printing. For T-shirts there is a variety of ways to accomplish this. Our experienced staff takes pride in every print we deliver by using high quality inks, professional printing techniques and the best American made equipment. We use computer to screen technology from @mrcompanies which allows for better and faster screens with less waste. Discharge printing is more difficult than normal printing. In technical terms, we use a discharge underbase with soft hand inks on top. The objective in any printing process is to reproduce the original artwork as exactly as possible. Discharge printing will only work properly on 100% cotton garments. Discharge Screen Printing Process If you love wearing old style shirts or shirts that have a texture in the design, then you will love what we call discharge screen printing. Read more here. The results can often vary even after extensive testing. Water Base and Discharge print is a “green,” earth-friendly, heat activated, water-based process. It’s all the other jargon that can feel like the screen printing business has its own language. the design is applied by screen or roller with a chemical which removes the color of the originally dyed fabric. CUSTOMER SERVICE & HONESTY. Most screen printers are used to working with plastisols and are familiar with the techniques of how to use them properly. A pure discharge print will result in a natural, light beige or off-white color print once cured – something very close to the natural color of the cotton before it was dyed. The ink sits on top of the garment giving off a very vibrant print on dark garments and can be modified to create a softer or vintage print on lighter garments. We can also PMS match discharge ink, however results vary depending on shirt color & brand. Screen Printing is the process of decorating garments using a wide array of inks from plastisol inks, water based inks and discharge inks. Goodfellas Merch is an Arizona based company offering affordable, quality screen printing with exceptional turnaround times. As the discharge inks are printed and heat cured, the original dyes in the garment are being reduced, or “discharged,” from the image area. Water Based/Discharge Process. Grand Rapids Custom T-Shirts are incredibly affordable and simply of the highest quality. Our screen making process for @nwnproductions "Animal Liberation Human Extermination" t-shirts. Discharge Ink creates an incredibly soft printed design on any color fabric. Everywhere you look you will see a printing store. Screen Printing Discharge Ink ; Photoshop is a tremendous tool in the screen printing process. Discharge Printing Discharge printing is a screen printing process where discharge inks are used instead of normal ink. We are able to screen print using just about all of the many different methods known, including but not limited to: spot color, four color process, simulated process, discharge, water-based, special effects, eco-friendly, and much more. Discharge printing: Discharge printing, , method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a colour-destroying agent, such as chlorine or hydrosulfite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground. When the white pigment mixes with the transparent process inks, they will turn pastel and muted. Discharge Print Fabrics are dyed a solid color prior to printing. SCREEN PREP 4 Color Process Printing. Discharge printing is a screen printing process where discharge inks are used instead of normal ink. Spot Process Screen Printing is the the method of printing when an image is not reproducible using basic spot color methods within a graphics vector program; typically photographs, complex tonal illustrations, scanned images or any style of complex halftone tonal images that will be printed on either dark or light colors garments including The process of discharge printing involves adding discharge solution to water based ink which causes a chemical reaction that extracts the dyes from the fabric. A chemical reaction takes place removing the original dyed color of the shirt, then the fibers are re-dyed to the desired design color. Ink used for screen printing is more viscous than standard ink and has a variety of other properties to meet the different demands and expectations of the silk screening process. Suppliers Offer Screen Printing Equipment for You to Use With New Printing Technology. You start by burning your design, placing your ink, squeegeeing your screen, coating with an emulsion, possibly cure your print, and voilà – the process is done! Screen printing or silk screening is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. We, at Ankita Printers render qualitative and outstanding services on discharge printing with wow factor. Discharge printing is the process of applying a design to a dyed fabric by printing a color-destroying agent such as chlorine or hydrosulfite. Atlas offers several quality screen printing ink lines. Water-based and discharge screen printing can also achieve effects that screen printing with traditional plastisol ink cannot. These discharge screen printing inks can be printed as dye discharge, direct discharge, or even used as an under base for other types of inks. DISCHARGING. ** We design logos for all occasions, in any format desired for web, screen printing, embroidery, Die cut decals, decal printing, etc. Sylvester Screen Printing provides high quality, comfortable, and affordable apparel, or promotional products. On-press, the colors blend together to create the various shades, tones, and colors of the image. For this reason, the shirts must be 100% cotton. Process color screen printing, also known as four-color process screen printing, is a method that reproduces full-color artwork or photographs. Screen Printed Apparel 4 color process or CMYK printing is a subtractive color model. And this process also keeps your tee super-soft because no actual ink is added. Subtractive color is simply the mixing of a limited number of colors to absorb some wavelengths of light and not others. Discharge water based screen printing is becoming a hot commodity in the t-shirt/printing industry. Discharging is the process of removing dye (by destroying or altering the dye "chromophores") with various chemicals or bleach, often in pleasing patterns or designs through Shibori or Tie Dye methods, or by stamping, stenciling or block printing. For the minimum size orders of 24 pieces or more we can process your order on our manual presses. Screen printing is the process of applying specialized ink to apparel. Sounds simple but there is actually an art to the entire process. Fabric Rotary Screen Printing Process The various designs of our everyday clothing go through many different types of printing processes. Each process from garment selection to tagging and packaging has unique variables for each client and our rockstar staff at every step is an expert in their craft. Our clients prefer waterbased inks because they are soft and breathable. Paul, Minnesota. Plastisol ink is the most commonly used ink/process in screen printing because of its versatility and ease of use. Best investment that i ever made was to go for a course with him. Discharge textile inks have been around for a long time and have gone through cycles of popularity just like a lot of other screen-printing inks. The film is then adhered to the coated screen and exposed to high intensity light for a defined period of time. Discharge inks are water based inks that have a bleach-like additive that reacts with the fabric and heating process. It’s a highly unique process that strays away from the screen printing norms but it is also a more costly process. Light Color Garments Screen Printing is a popular process which is usually done by using a fine mesh screen onto a substrate. ASAPpm carries a full line of products, or you can supply your own. From the outside, screen printing may seem like a simple process. The fabric is actually re-dyed instead of ink sitting on the surface. The process allows for lighter colours to be printed on darker coloured backgrounds. Discharge Screen Printing Discharge printing is a skilled screen printing process where inks are printing into the fabric as opposed to on top of garments. Most other printers who default to printing with plastisol ink will need to lay down a base and then print even more ink top of that base layer of ink to achieve successful simulated process screen printing. Screen-printing is a stencil printing technique by which ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a surface to create a picture. Discharge ink is not a use-it-and-forget-it product. An atlas expert is looking waiting to talk to you about your screen printing needs. Whether you need apparel for your small business, company, clothing brand, sports team, school club, or gym, we've got the ideal ink solution in-house and ready to rock. Here is a little information about exactly what goes into the discharge screen printing process. Printing over the zipper on hoodies is a difficult printing process that we have put hours of R & D into perfecting. Water base discharge inks: Discharge ink printing can be a valuable addition to your operation. There are many different types of fabric printing processes from basic hand printing (batik) to sophisticated multi-colour discharge printing processes. It allows for a clean, soft. In properly printed fabrics the colour is bonded with the fibre, so as to resist washing and friction. This process is universal to all types of screen printing. The following screen printing wastewater best management practices were developed after sampling shops, observing shop practices, reviewing product constituents (using MSDS infomation), and reviewing Metro sewer discharge regulations and WAC 173-303 Pacific North Press is a screen printing company providing custom t shirts, custom apparel, custom stickers, custom posters, vinyl lettering, and custom decal printing services throughout Portland, OR, Vancouver, WA, Gresham, OR, and Beaverton, OR. Screen printing can be done on apparel, poster paper, bottles and glassware, etc. The second option of printing discharge ink on 50/50 or tri blends is using discharge ink as your under base and then print either water base or plastisol inks on top. Due to the addition of PVDF, the CoS 2 particles were bound together by the binding force of the PVDF. From simple one color discharge prints to complex simulated process jobs we can bring your design to life. Water based printing on dark garments to make the print feel soft and look like it’s embedded into the fabric without having to lay down an under base like in traditional plastisol screen printing. Screen Printing Because you deserve to look good. Preparing the screen is the first step in the screen printing process and is probably the most important one. Digital printing Custom Ink offers two different methods of printing, in order to provide a process that best suits your artwork . #sablonindonesia #plastisol #discharge #plasticharge #vendorkaos #clothingline # Process that removes the dye of the garment returning it to the original color of the fabric. This is a type of screen printing we specialise in. Discharge Screen Printing, like traditional screen printing, is applied using screens. The 3 main screen printing ink types and what you need to know. Superluxe Screen Printing will not be held responsible for manufacturer defects such as mislabeled sizes, color inconsistencies, re-dyes resulting in discolored discharge prints, loose stitching and other garment defects. The discharge process removes the color from the shirt to the natural pre-dyed color and replaces it with the new color. Discharge printing is a method of printing in which ink is soaked into the fabric fibers of a garment. Discharge printing comes with safety precautions, issues with finished goods and procedures for a healthy shop environment. We focus on high quality printing and customer service, and specialize in soft ink printing. The Best SCREEN PRINTING in Rancho Cucamonga Shirt Agency has now expanded to Rancho Cucamonga. Defined as the application of dye or pigment in a different pattern on the fabric and by subsequent after treatment of fixing the dye or pigment to get a particular design. Discharge printing makes the pattern a part of the garment by taking away the dye that was already there, not simply something sitting on top. LEFT- is a full color CMYK Process Screen Print. Discharge printing, sometimes known as Extract printing is the process of bleaching the colours in a garment, and then replacing it with your chosen colour. Discharge styles have been important since the earliest days of textile printing . My number one tip for creating garment graphics is to start with the end product in mind and work backwards from there. A very popular method for producing personalised garments, screen printing produces excellent quality, long-lasting results and is great value for large volume orders from 20 to 20,000. Plastisol printing is the traditional way of screen printing. We mainly specialize in waterbase screen printing, discharge screen printing, and photographic screen printing in LA. Discharge Printing Discharge printing is a process where water-based inks are applied to certain “dischargeable” dark colored garments to produce very bright, soft prints. Your questions will always be answered truthfully & honestly. Discharge printing is the process of bleaching the dye out of the shirt, leaving its natural color showing through (usually a tan color). The print is comprised of many small dots of ink printed in what we in the industry call halftone patterns to reproduce the full color artwork. A pre-stretched screen is coated with a photo-reactive emulsion and dried. The discharge ink is a base ink that is practically, colorless. The RIGHT is a No Feel DISCHARGE Screen Print on a Black Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt. The only difference is that there is a discharge agent mixed into the ink that removes the dye in the shirt during the printing process. Prices shown above are for the printing only and do not reflect the shirt prices, art set up and any other additional costs. There are two main printing options when screen printing full-color artwork on apparel: Full-color process or CMYK and Simulated Process printing. Give us a call today for a custom quote on your next family event or class reunion. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing , we offer a wide range of services among the discharge screen printing process. It is the most commonly used ink for screen printing because it is the cheapest and most user-friendly. Work with a natural discharge underbase that will reveal the natural cotton background color using a highlight white to make the design pop. . The process of discharge printing involves adding discharge solution to water based ink which causes a chemical reaction that extracts the dyes from the fabric. With Photoshop you can create high resolution artwork, digital mock Screen printing vs. Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Pigments can be added to replace the fabric color. We then use these inks along with processes like spot color, CMYK, and gradient image processing to achieve your ideal custom shirt. has been a great help to me since i started Screen printing earlier in 2016, He has helped me on a almost daily basis to fine tune and design new prints. Jumbo / 4 CP / WATER BASE / DISCHARGE SETUP CHARGES. Vacord Screen Printing is a custom apparel printing shop in Camden NJ, shipping nationwide for free. They have to be handled carefully by trained staff with perfection and patience. The water in water-based ink is used as a delivery agent for the dye, which together soaks into the fibers before the heat causes the water to evaporate, leaving the dye permanently in place. For process printing do not use a white discharge underbase. AMBRO Manufacturing wants to help you create some awesome jumbo silk screening. The difference here is that it’s water based and uses whats called an activator to remove the dye from the garment and replace it with the water based ink being applied. Discharge Plus Base is a clear discharge base that works with a unique liquid activator, Discharge Activator SM (16% by weight), that allows you to print through mesh counts up to 255 t/in and has a 6 month shelf-life after activation. We do custom t-shirt and apparel screen printing with 20,000 square feet of production space. a process of printing textiles already dyed a solid color by bleaching out a pattern usually producing a white or light-colored design on a dark … Discharge printing can also be defined as localized dyeing. Home / Garment Printing Techniques / Screen Printing / Discharge screen printing Discharge screen printing is a great option if you want to produce a softer feel screen print. Discharge printing is a process where the base, after being activated, releases the dyes in the garment, eliminating the need to use an underbase print on dark textiles. Discharge Screen Printing Discharge is a screen printing process where the same techniques and equipment are used but instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used, which remove the shirt's dye instead of putting a color on top of the shirt. We also receive requests for environmentally friendly inks, especially when screen printing on organic cotton t-shirts. It gives you a natural feel that plastisol can't match and an opacity traditional water based inks can't reproduce on dark colors. For printing on darks, our SuperSoft ink is transformed into a water based discharge ink. A few years ago, I wrote an article on a little known but innovative process. Printing is another part of wet processing technology. Our waterbased screen printing process gives you a garment that is soft and breathable. By this printing process, color is destroyed by one or multiple color. T-Shirt Forums Message Cancel Changes Who We Are. Plastisol Screen Printing. We’ll guide you through the process, so it’s far easier, less intimidating, and more rewarding. This is a simple way to differentiate your shirt from others on the rack and justify a higher resale price point. Once a manufacturer’s dye has been removed, the discharge ink will then re-dye that print area a desired ink color. They are not widely used because production costs are high. Discharge printing bleaches out the original color of the garment and replaces it with the new color, or pigment. When you choose custom screen printed tees, you will get a fantastic, durable and vibrant print that is cost effective and long lasting. Union offers an environmentally-friendly, high performance PVC-free water based system for printing on 100% cotton light fabrics or dark fabrics when using the discharge process. Discharge ink removes the dye from the fabric like where it is printed leaving the natural color which appears as a cream off-white color much like bleach. Discharge screen printing is a specialty technique used in the screen printing industry to achieve a no ink feel. WEB EXCLUSIVE Discharge Printing Step by Step SEPTEMBER 25, 2006 -- With end-users once again gravitating to soft hand prints, water-based discharge printing is back in fashion. Water-based screen printing ink technology has evolved to allow for professional-grade inks to print effectively on both light and dark shirts. Simulated Process Screen Printing uses our standard screen printing ink colors to produce artwork with gradients or very complicated photo images. Discharge creates the softest feel on dark garments. Get a sneak peak into the production of a discharge printed custom t-shirt. Recent Blog Posts To master four-color process printing, a good set of color separations is needed, as well as excellent screen-making and printing techniques. Printing is carried out for producing attractive designs on fabric or other materials. The dye is discharged into the garment replacing at a higher temperature with a pigment. The three primary colors used are cyan (process blue), magenta (process red), and yellow. T & J Printing Supply has been offering the highest quality screen printing equipment and supplies, backed up by fast delivery and superior service for over 10 years! Discharge Screen Printing: An Offshoot of the Water Base Method The process of discharge screen printing is a derivative of the water base method of serigraphy, suited especially for the decoration of dark colored clothes. Unlike typical printing that adds pigment to the top of a fabric, discharge inks remove the pigment from the substrate itself. We want you to have the best large format silk screening anyone in the whole world has ever seen. Here's step-by-step instructions that show you every process of discharge printing. In the case of discharge printing, the following considerations determine the usefulness of the process compared with other printing techniques. Screen Printing, The Manufacturers of Tshirt Based in Sragen-Solo City, Central Java, Indonesia (IND) Established since 2014 Soo wanna make a tshir Screen Printing Whether you're looking for a wide range of items to market a new product, or uniforms for your team, or a cool t-shirt to hand out at your next conference, our team can help you create the perfect custom solution. Discharge printing is a process where water-based inks are applied to certain “dischargeable” dark colored garments to produce very bright, soft prints. When printed it and then put through an oven (dryer) it essentially bleaches out the dye in the fabric rather than other types of printing that cover up the color of the fabric. Flaws of Plastisol Printing Overcomed by Discharge Screen Printing Screen printing is a versatile printing process. We can reproduce your complex multi-colored graphics, print various shades of water based metallic ink, and print over seams and off of the bottom of the shirt. We have the abilities to screen print all different types of apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, sweatpants, accessories, towels, and much more. You can find three components in this printing process: Art, Screens, and the Print. In discharge printing the ground color is applied by dyeing or padding with dis-chargeable dyes. HART Heart Mind Soul. Discharge screen printing can be used to print colors on dark garments that in the past would have required an additional layer of white ink in order to achieve proper opacity of top colors. Screen printing includes a variety of techniques for applying ink to a garment. Our screen printing process is first rate, where our knowledgeable screen printers and production crew take pride in their work, and make each item the best it can be. 2b), which is a dense sintered body with higher filling density. Using the discharge print method and waterbased printing we are able to print your designs on apparel with inks that bleach out the existing dye and replace it with your chosen colors. Discharge printing is a method using water based ink that soaks into a shirt’s fabric. Discharge printing. Discharge printing uses the same process as screen printing but the ink formulations are quite a bit different. Coming soon! Water Based and Discharge printing! We are excited to be able to offer this fantastic style of screen printing process. Top quality plastisol, water based, and discharge screen printing inks. Go to any other screen printing company and they may not be able to offer this kind of service to you. With discharge printing, the original dye of the shirt is bleached out. Earlier, discharge printing constituted a process of steaming to dry up the polished discharge print, but with the advent of screen printing, the additional effort of steaming is supplanted. Textile screen printers looking to enhance their skill sets — whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans — can gain insight into the screen printing production process with Impressions’ content offerings. The benefit of printing sim process designs using water based and discharge inks is that you won’t be able to feel the print on the shirt. )and accessories including, is the most popular decoration option. We are a full service Contract screen printing shop specializing in niche market print styles. Discharge printing is called extract printing. Watch our latest youtube screen printing tutorial by indigo life media. The company’s custom apparel screen printing options include the discharge ink method, which employs a color-destroying bleach agent on the printed area of a garment that has been dyed. This changes the printed area back to the natural or raw garment color which is usually a tan color. To reproduce those full-color photographic images on paper, printing presses use four colors of ink that are designated as process colors. It is a method still practised in the oriental countries where markets exist for the types of printed fabrics produced. The ink bleaches away the fabric’s dye to create the printed design; verses laying the ink on the top of the fabric, as is the process with plastisol inks. Discharge Ink, Not Some Gross Stuff. The discharge process looks somewhat different than plastisol screen printing as well. This is a discussion about Question about Discharge process that was posted in the Screen Printing section of the forums. Discharge Printing is also called Extract Printing. When printed it and then put through an oven (dryer) it essentially bleaches out the dye in the fabric rather than other types of printing that cover up the colour of the fabric. Discharge inks, similar to water based inks, allow us to print on dark garments without using the heavy white under base that is normally needed to allow the colors the show properly. Usually, this is not possible onto dark fabrics, since prints with opaque inks has a rather stiff touch. This kind of screen printing is done with water-based inks that soak into the fabric, instead of just sitting on top of it. The primary differences in screen printing are found in the types of ink used and the effects they render. breathable designer feeling print on your apparel. This will bleach out a white or light pattern on a darker color ground. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key) CMYK is a widely used technique to replicate full-color images on light colored backgrounds. This method works only with one hundred percent cotton shirts that are dark colored. Screen printing with discharge ink is the best way to apply a soft, vibrant, water based print to a dark garment. By the screen-printing process, we prepared the flat surface film cathode (Fig. Discharge Printing – Learn More Discharge inks are used on dark colored 100% cotton shirts. custom screen printing / finishing For over a decade, we been providing screen printing and graphic design services to clothing brands, touring bands, marketing/advertising agencies, tattoo shops, artists, schools, churches, start-ups, and everyone else in-between. Screen printing with discharge ink deactivates the dye within the t-shirt and creates a no ink feel and cool look. The discharge process is achieved by adding a bleaching agent into the ink which bleaches out the colour of the T-Shirt. Check out the how to video on discharge screen printing on t-shirts. Screen Printing is a printing method where ink is driven through a stencil with a squeegee– but you probably knew that. Discharge printing has become a very popular style of printing in today's apparel market. Discharge screen printing is a long process and cannot be carried at home as there are chemicals used in this process. Process color printing, is known at four-color process printing, is a method that reproduces finished full-color artwork and photographs. This ink can be printed as direct discharge, dye discharge, or used as an under base for water based or plastisol inks. You can mix pigments into the discharge ink to leave image color in a 1-step process Screen Mesh: Use mesh counts 140 to 250 to evenly saturate the garment fibers. We can use discharge in a variety of ways, as an underbase, pigmented or printed clear. See more of Overdoses Screen Printing on Facebook Color Process. Discharge ink is the perfect printing option for that soft touch vintage feel, the main difference is that discharge ink actually bleaches the garments fibers, compared to tradition plastisol ink that sits above the fabric. Screen-printing technology is well known as a low-cost process, and the simple screen-printing process could be adopted to fabricate the FED devices, the technique of screen-printing is found to be the most effective for a large scale of production. Discharge ink is still a water based ink that soaks into the shirt’s fabric leaving it super soft. Through this process, your design or logo can be imprinted directly onto garments with a variety of different print styles. Browse through the screen printing tab to learn about our graphic design process for screen printing, Things you should know about screen printing capabilities and our restrictions on printing, what type of specialty printing is available at Impress Designs, and even what equipment we use in our production facility. Browse the links below to see a description of each and which garments work best for EXPERIENCE. The most commonly used inks for silk screening are oil-based Plastisol ink, water-based suede, discharge, and expanding ink. Through the pure discharge ink process, the printed area is chemically returned to its natural tan color. Discharge Screen Printing : Innovative Printing Process 1. If your a small business, non profit organization, a band, clothing company, a school or college club looking to get some screen printed products you've come to the right place. This is a discussion about Discharge CMYK Process Printing? that was posted in the Screen Printing section of the forums. This is a method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a color-destroying agent, such as chlorine or hydrosulfite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground. Waterbase tends to work best on light colors. Polyester is a artificial material and will not react to discharge ink. , Page 4 Discharge screen printing is used for this process, and provides a super soft feel after washing the shirts as the ink sinks into the fibers of the shirts. In discharge printing, the fabric must first be dyed with dyes that can be de- stroyed by selected discharging agents. This is the process of making a screen/stencil with your design to push ink through the screen, and onto the material. A pure discharge print will result in a natural, light beige or off-white color print once cured, something very close to the natural color of the cotton before it was dyed. Screen printing begins with top designed artwork which is transferred to a screen for printing. Silva Screenprinting is a minority owned high volume textile screen printing facility in Minneapolis-St. This is an example of the 'tie-dye' effect achieved with water-based and discharge printing. Discharge screen printing is a process where the dye is removed from the garment. Water based and discharge screen printing is the way to achieve a soft print that feels like it is part of the fabric. Our experience in the screen printing industry makes our products top of the line. To achieve maximum discharge effect, the printed garment should be cured at 300F for 3-5 minutes. Discharge water based screen printing inks offers a unique solution for garment decoration. Discharge printing was an interesting concept and had the potential to be revolutionary for the textile screen-printing industry. Discharge printing has been around a long time but has been becoming very popular once again and the trend is growing when clients see the amazing end results! Water Based Discharge Screen Printing Many of our screen printing clients come to us looking for super soft prints and inks that aren’t thick and chunky. From plastisol, water based, low cure, or solvent atlas has an screen printing ink for you. Process This is the process that you will want to use when you have a full color design or a photograph. Shirt Agency has the capabilities and resources to handle any print order, from small runs to large, full scale productions. Discharge. Oversized Screen Printing | Jumbo Screen Printing | All Over Shirt Printing Oversized Screen Printing | Jumbo Screen Printing | All Over Screen Printing Home Main Menu Discharge Screen Printing uses a chemical process to remove the dye in the fibers of a shirt and replaces it with a new color or leaves the natural cotton color when no color is added. We can’t expect to achieve a good print result when using a screen of poor quality. T-Shirt Forums Message Cancel Changes Discharge Printing: Discharge means removal and discharging system means the process which can produce a white or colored effect on a previously dyed ground. A multitude of techniques taking brands to new heights. Generally this process is the same for mixing up inks, like plasitol, except for the inks are not opaque so the type of fabric and the colour of the shirt can affect the final colour. Printing the colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (Black) can create a wider color range. Get a Quote; Water Based and Discharge. It results in a very soft hand and shows the garments natural fibers instead of laying a thick layer of plastisol ink on top of the garment. It works best on dark 100% cotton garments specially formulated for discharge, so the fabric type is the limiting factor. InnoThread Graphics is a one stop shop for all custom screen printed apparel, embroidery and promotional products located in Anaheim in Orange County, California. Drie inc. Discharge or water based Inks are recommended with this type of printing. Screen Printing Holsen Enterprises offers many possibilities for printing on you garment. Discharge printing is like to screen printing process but here instead of normal ink, discharge inks are used. Screen exposure or "burning screens" is the process of creating a screen stencil from the image on the film. Custom Screen Printing T-Shirt and other apparel products (hoodies, bags, pants, backpacks, towels, etc. Plastisol screen printing is the traditional style of screen printing that has been around forever. Discharge printing definition is - a process of printing textiles already dyed a solid color by bleaching out a pattern usually producing a white or light-colored design on a dark background. Tee Headquarters art department will bring your design ideas for custom apparel screen printing to life! Tee Headquarters designs apparel for race wear, business logos, fundraisers, booster clubs, youth camps, team sports, show choirs, reunions and more! Screen exposure or “burning screens” is the process of creating a screen stencil from the image on the film. Block printing is a slow, laborious process and is not suitable for high volume commercial use. Process stability is paramount when printing four-color process. Your design or logo can be imprinted directly onto garments through this process. We offer traditional screen printing for the majority of our products, as well as digital printing on selected items. Discharge is the process of removing the dyed pigment in a garment's fabric, leaving the fabrics natural color behind (a look similar to bleach). SCREEN PRINTING. Textile - Printing: Printing is a process of decorating textile fabrics by application of pigments, dyes, or other related materials in the form of patterns. Custom Silk Screen Printing Retail Price Sheet. Benefits: Super soft print Cool look; has a more vintage look and feel Disadvantages: Expensive process Difficult to print Don't recommend DIY discharge printing Plascharge A hybrid of discharge and plastisol; it is mixed with plastisol inks to get pigment in discharge printing. We offer a wide variety of printing services and applications and our staff of in-house screen printers have over 20 years experience making prints that our customers love to wear! From discharge simulated process to water-based spot color and everything in between, we have what it takes to decorate nearly any type of material. For a Screen Printing Company or press, each of the components is equally important, since if one component is not up to the mark, the whole process will be shuttered. . Foil t-shirt printing, 3D embroidery, custom corporate apparel, embroidered polos, water based ink, and discharge screen printing. You want your final image to be a vibrant masterpiece. By this process pigment in the T-Shirt is removed chemically and replace it by another color. The best results are achieved by printing on 100% cotton garments. There are many benefits to discharge printing, however this type of screen printing will not work on all garments. Much like in traditional process printing, in the artwork prep phase, your image is separated into Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black tones. We supply you with Triangle plastisol inks, CCI water based and discharge inks, and Speedball acrylic water based inks for screen printing. Just to include some of what we have: metallic inks, shimmer inks, glitter inks, puff inks, glow-in-the-dark inks, discharge inks and water based inks. Printers place the stencil over the screen, which creates a block that allows ink to flow around the stencil and create the image. When cured at high temperatures, the bleach removes the dyes in the garment. Printing water-based ink on dark shirts is substantially trickier, and requires an ink additive known as discharge. Discharge Screen Printing uses a chemical process to remove the dye in the fibers of a shirt and replaces it with a new color or leaves the natural cotton color when no color is added. To receive a more accurate quote please contact the shop via phone. J. This print will never crack or peel, as the colors are “dyed” directly into the fabric. Discharge screen printing is becoming very popular in today's market. discharge screen printing process