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hunting with a recurve bow vs compound Shop with confidence. za When you are done, you will have an understanding of the history of archery, the different bows of archery, and the parts of a compound bow. With the utilization of a gun sight and unleash, small teams are common. IN a recurve the fibers are side by side and in a long bow the fibers are stacked and side by side. It's in the top 3 bestselling crossbows and has dozens of popular alternatives in the same price range, such as SA Sports Empire Terminator or SAS Panther . Fortunately, all a hunter really needs to enter the sport of bow hunting is a traditional or compound bow, appropriate arrows and broadheads, and appropriate clothing; although, having either a tree stand and/or a ground blind is also recommended. , you shoot at the target. The target is the center of your attention and whether it be stationary or moving/flying etc. And, for those who want an affordable option, the recurve has to win. The the primary difference between the crossbow and the compound bow, is that the compound bow requires more practice to acquire a superior skill-level. The similarities are limited to that only. He used an old, vintage Shakespeare recurve made in the ‘60s; he likes that bow, it’s a 46 pounder at 28 inches, but it’s about 33 pounds at 23 inches, which is his draw length. When most folks start looking at a heavier bow they are looking for the "go to bow" for the rest of there hunting career. When I was a child, my dad would take us to my great uncle’s place in Potter County, Pennsylvania, every fall so he could chase whitetails around in the mountains with an old Black Widow recurve customized by Fred Bear himself. 7811 If the high-tech appeal of modern archery gear just isn't your thing, you might appreciate the old-school craftsmanship of traditional archery equipment. SAS Courage Recurve Archery Bow. Much like the longbow, but the limbs curve back away from the belly of the bow, which can provide more power in a shorter bow than the longbow With a compound bow, sighted in with the help of a reputable archery shop, I was able to consistently get minute-of-paper-plate at 20 yds in a few minutes. If you want the best bow for you, make sure you know the benefits for each. The Inferno Fury by Arrow Precision is a great recurve crossbow for target shooting and small game hunting. You really bump up the pride factor when you connect with a recurve. This is why I’ve prepared the following guide for you. Our focus is on traditional archery bows such as the recurve bow and the longbow, sometimes called long bow. This article will help you, once you’ve decided what you want to do with the bow, pick out the best arrows for your particular needs. Traditional bows date back to caveman days, they were the first bow. The recurve is truly one of the least costly bows available and it’s impressive to say the least. to the original question, a compound is easier to shoot accurately but the real accuracy belongs to the archer. How much lighter? I'm pulling 56 pounds on my compound. Recurve bows differ from the original longbow because the limbs curve away from the archer when the bow is unstrung. Unlike its more modern counterpart, the compound bow, the recurve bow does not have any pulleys or cables, only a bow and a single string. Read Bowhunting Archery reviews on Compound Hunting Bows and Camouflage Hunting Bows by bow hunters who trust Lancaster to support their hunt. They only come in two sizes, 60" and 62" for overall bow length. When you shoot a traditional bow you focus on the target instead of the sights you would find with a typical compound bow. Longbow vs Recurve Bow . If the arrow is coming out of the bow with significant contact with either the bow (in the case of a recurve or stickbow) I would definitely go with feathers. I have shot traditional my whole life so I have a strong dislike for compounds. p. They have made names for themselves by offering high quality products based off of science, research, and testing. The longer the power stroke the faster the arrow will fly at the same poundage. Obviously how much bone you hit makes a big difference. Most compound bow hunters ponder what it would be like to try recurve hunting. Pennsylvania legalized hunting with the bow in 1929, but did not establish a special season for taking deer with bow and arrows only until 1951. Depending on your needs, personal skill, and budget, the decision can affect how you view archery. Professional Bows, Bow Equiptment and Accessories. Recurve and compound bows are both deadly in the hands of a skilled shooter, but there are some pros and cons to each that should be considered by a newbie. Ltd. The recurve bow may be more common, but modern technology made it evolve into a compound bow. If I shoot an arrow at 250 fps with a 60 pound compound, not unreasonable, the same arrow will fly about 190 fps from a 60 pound recurve. Here’s some recurve bow hunting tips to help achieve it. To give you a heads up on the best compound bow brands, here is a list of popular brands which have been in business selling bows for years. The main advantage you get from a compound is accuracy and, somewhat less important I think, the capability to hold at full draw for extended periods of time. A recurve is generally lighter, but a compound has better water penetration hands down. lets say that both the recurve and compound are new top of line fred bears, both have a draw weight of 60 lbs @ 29". One of the obvious qualities we can see is that the crossbow’s limbs are mounted in a horizontal fashion compared to the compound bow’s vertical limbs. I think it is fair to say that I know my stuff. He even got my mom Recurve and compound bows are similar in some respects because they both have strings and arrows, but the similarities end there. If you’re used to shooting a compound bow, I advise that you start out with a traditional bow 15 pounds lighter than the peak weight of your compound. hunting with a compound bow is harder not much but it is slightly harder. Locate the best recurve bow for grown-ups and youth utilizing our comparison graphs and surveys. For example, if you’re comfortably shooting a 65-pound compound, I would suggest a 50-pound longbow or recurve at your draw. I like a compound for the power to zip the arrow down deep to suspended fish if needed. So many different makes and models out there… compared to choosing a crossbow for instance, the task of finding the best recurve bow for the money, preferably one with fiberglass limbs if possible, for you or a loved one, is quite difficult. . However, the maintenance of a compound bow in the event of a break is much simpler than that of a recurve, as all it takes is a simple replacement of most pieces, depending on where the break occurs. This is a great style for beginners because an archer can set up and practice in a variety of settings – indoor and outdoor. Kinetic energy goes as the square of the velocity. You can use both a recurve and a longbow in competition or for hunting. The package includes the crossbow, 6 aluminum arrows, a string, foot stirrup and a 4 x 20 crossbow scope. It has a draw weight of 175 pounds, but being a recurve has a much slower velocity of 235 FPS. Today’s crossbows are wickedly accurate. For those who do not know, Longbow and Recurve are the names or rather terms used to refer to two different types of bows that are being used today in archery competitions, as well as hunting game. The subject of choosing arrows for a modern compound bow is vast, to the point where it will make any beginner archer’s head spin. The recurve is the best for small game hunting, bow-fishing, and general use by a more advanced archer, whereas the compound bow is better for large game hunting, sea bow-fishing, and is popular with archers of all ages and skill level. That arrow must be the correct length, straight, and stiff enough to fly well out of your bow. Find great deals on eBay for compound recurve bow. Whether you bowhunt with a recurve bow, a longbow, or a compound bow, choosing the best hunting arrow is critical to success. That’s because this sort of bow doesn’t allow for too many extras and flourishes, it has a simple build and it’s easy to use, taking you back to your ancestral roots. He was in a treestand about 12 feet high, and I was hunting about 100 yards away. Different types of arrows are also better for hunting or target practice than others, so have an idea of what you plan on doing with your bow. Read more Hunting Recurve Bow Question Hello - I was looking into a Hoyt hunting recurve bow. If you want to learn more about crossbows, please head over to my crossbows for beginners guide, where I explain in more detail how a crossbow works. Linyi Junxing Sports Equipment Co. the compound bows will also cost you a lot money over a long time because of all the equipment that is needed for them. I heard that you should use a lighter pull when going from a compound to a recurve. Differences between the Recurve vs. AKC XDTalk 5K Member. Archery is a very ancient sport in human history. I have shot a recurve my entire life. recurve preference, crossbow hunting is a total blast. Bow hunting is considered a sport that has grown majorly in the last 50 years or so. These compound bows are also more forgiving and better for long-range shots. The compound bow has a much more modern design. Many hunters and archers are finding the joy that comes from the challenge of shooting and hunting with a traditional bow such as a recurve or longbow. Apr 28, 2012 #4. Now that you know some of the main qualities to look for in a recurve bow, here are some quick reviews of our favorite picks. In ancient warfare, composite bow was used for mounted archery that was considered better than the earlier wooden bows. 4. Target vs Hunting Bows by Kenny Fox Deciding which style of bow to purchase and train with is an essential decision for any new archer, and it’s important to understand the very significant differences between the two. Apex Hunting sells quality archery supplies at great prices. Recurve Crossbow Just like bows, compound and recurve crossbows exist. We examined over hundreds of different types of bow, we talked with lots of hunting experts, listen their opinion regarding this topic and then we read thousands of customer reviews online. If you are a beginner or want to take your bow on long hunting trips, you should start with a recurve bow. Another difference, is the upper body strength and manuverability required for the compound bow. This design is common and is used for faster shooting. For deer hunting, quietness of a bow is second only to draw weight. Mike McDaniel suggests that recurve hunters practice under a variety of conditions, and that they practice a lot. The limbs of a compound bow are much stiffer than those of a recurve bow or longbow. At least an hour, preferably more, before the sun comes up, so that the woods have time to settle back down. a 28# bow wont cut it though, get yourself something in the 45-60 pound range. First, we should note that this need for speed is your fault. Hunters may also shoot crossbows from a rest, which greatly enhances accuracy and precision in the right Great for hunting though. From the bowhunter to the target shooter, 3Rivers Archery has all the traditional archery supplies you need. One of the most popular types of archery for beginners, target archery consists of shooting at stationary bullseye targets. The Background The origin of composite bow could be traced back to the Asiatic pastoralists when it was used as the daily needs of nomad tribes. Compound Bow Review for Beginn admin - November 2, 2016. if you plan on hunting this fall, you best get crackin' and get a bow If you are bow hunting for the kill, compound. The higher the draw weight, the more powerful the bow will be. Not satisfied with the draw power of a traditional bow, Allen attached pulleys to the altered limbs of a recurve bow. Compound Bow vs Recurve Bow Lengths and Weights Quality compound bows are around 4 or 5 pounds with a typical size of 32 inches, axle to axle. The biggest factor in penetration is arrow weight, next factor is bow weight. If you are bow hunting for the hunt, recurve. Getting my wife into bow hunting and this recurve will do the trick to get her into a compound later. Although every hunter’s goal is success, anyone who has some experience with bow vs gun hunting knows pretty well that setting out with the bow does not necessarily mean coming home loaded Understand that how good a compound bow is for hunting depends not only on FPS (speed), but also on KE (Kinetic Energy). I have hunted with both and now use a xbow because I hurt my shoulder and I like the xbow. Recurve Hunting Bows; Compound Hunting Bows; Tradtitional Bows; Arrows & Arrow Components. More about Tribe Archery View our recent press! Pointdo 12pcs 30Inch Archery Carbon Arrow Hunting And Practice Targeting Arrow with Replaceable Tips and 3" Light Vanes For Recurve Bow& Compound Bow $28. Even though the recurve bow is very basic, it still has its advantages, and many people still prefer to use the recurve bow over the compound bow. Recurve Bow: Which is Best? - How to Survive ItArchers are embroiled in an everlasting debate over whether a compound or recurve bow is better; here are the major differences between them. This is a great hunting bow that has an overall length of 60” and the limbs are sturdy. Is 45 "too much" or "about right" when I start using a recurve? If you are bow hunting for the kill, compound. After all it’s 2018. A Bow to the Past. 0 out of 5 stars - Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs Archery Hunting with Max Speed 296fps The decision to start with a recurve bow or a compound bow is a topic that is widely debated. my brother and i got into a debate earlier about bow poundages and fps. The one-piece recurve bows are perfect for hunting. Although target archery is the most popular use for recurve bows, some experienced hunters choose to hunt with a recurve bow. Difference in Design. Recurve vs Compound Bow . That curve is known as re-curve and can store and provide more power to an arrow than a simple longbow of the same size could. The Genesis Compound Bow is one of the first bows to be designed for use by almost anyone, particularly children and youths, which has helped boost interest in the sport of archery. Like the compound bow, the crossbow can have accessories added to help with aiming, drawing, and firing. You should be able to avoid most vane contact with a bow with properly tuned arrow rest, so vanes should not hurt you there. There is a big difference between a compound vs recurve bow. It lives up to the quality we expect from a Bear product with it’s easy to use, smooth drawing adjustable single cam. Best Recurve Crossbows Arrow Precision’s Inferno Fury. If you want to commit to bow hunting or archery full-time, taking time to learn how to shoot a compound bow may be a fun and exciting experience. A recurve bow is what most people think of when they think of a bow and arrow. My experience has been that the new archer who starts learning on a recurve bow will typically turn out to be a better archer. If this describes you, plan on a recurve draw weight approximately 25% less than your compound draw weight. The crossbow does have limbs, but they are much smaller than the ones on a compound, recurve, or traditional bow. 75 inches. Crossbow vs Compound Bow Article Posted: August 20, 2013 This article is meant to compare the compound bow to the crossbow, and will give the pros and cons of each. Choose powerful and accurate Compound Hunting Bows from Lancaster Archery Supply. Other good bow hunting tips include being in your stand early. While compound bows use a system of pulleys or cams to build up force, reduce resistance and generate longer shots, traditional, or recurve, bows are comprised of a single string that develops greater force when the bow is drawn. Compound bows are also more efficient. Compound Bow When it comes time to choose whether to buy a recurve bow or a compound bow, there are several differences to consider. Choosing the best bow for compound archery- whether hunting or shooting 3-D targets– is a simple process, and Archery 360 is here to help. If you have any issues regarding the information of both type of bows, you may feel free to write down to us in the comments. Archery is our path to rid of the self and hit the bull's-eye. Many hunters choose the recurve crossbow because of its simplicity. Recurve vs. The recurve is wider than the long bow, but thinner in depth, meaning that it is less forgiving to shoot, since the reduction in thickness means it is possible to torque the limbs when pulling the string if your form is off. Recurve bow vs Compound bow Recurve and compound bows are similar in the aspect that both of these have strings and arrows, but that’s it. They are sleek and lightweight, robust yet flexible at the same time. Two small preserves, each less than 1000 acres in extent were set aside for bowhunters in 1937. Hunting Bows. With regard to hunting, longbows and recurves in hunting draw weights (40-45 lbs and up) have ample power for big game. Bottom line, no matter what your compound vs. I have'nt hunted with my compound bow in about 5 years and shoot it about once a year. “Shooters will also find compound bows to be heavier and more cumbersome than a recurve bow, and break downs often require a bow press. The recurve bow is built so as to curve and then recurve for power. Free shipping within Australia. Recurve bows can be used for hunting, however a recurve bow that has the 50lbs or more draw weight necessary for killing an animal is a beast to shoot at the best of times. Mathews combines superior materials and engineering with rigorous testing to set the industry’s highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. At Outdoorsmen Reviews, we pride ourselves on our unbiased reviews, which are conducted independently of affiliate relationships. Target shooting and hunting teaches attention to detail, concentration, responsibility, safety, respect for the outdoors and many other things including camaraderie with other like-minded outdoors people. When hunting you want a powerful bow that will release the arrow further with more velocity so that you can get your prey. And same question for the recurve bow im thinking about buying the Martin X-150 recurve bow. This bow may lack in power The recurve bow was developed to try and address some of the shortcomings of the longbow, and it has also been in use for at least a few thousand years. Yes, recurve bows do have a lighter draw weight than most compound bows and are a little more of a hassle when hunting from a tree stand, but they are still more than capable of taking down large game animals and hunting with a recurve is a great way to learn game stalking skills and hunting from ground level. Even before the advent of civilization, man used bow and arrow to hunt animals. An arrow can fly slower but still deliver more punch upon impact than a much faster arrow. Recurve vs Compound Bow Archery is a very ancient sport in human history. An example of a short bow is the Martin Archery Prowler Pro Compound Bow Package pictured below. Compound bows are made from aluminum, so they are smaller and more durable than recurve bows. Outdoor articles about hunting, fishing, camping and the great outdoors that is educational, informative and entertaining. Compound Bow Reviews and Basics Compound Bow Reviews and Basics. The recurve bow is a popular choice, as is the compound. A recurve bow is a type of traditional bow. The differences between the compound bow vs recurve bow are stark, and are easily highlighted within the body styles of each. In modern archery, a compound bow is a bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs. The main feature of the compound bow is that it has cams which allow the archer to “let-off” some weight while shooting an arrow. I wanted to make sure I arrived completely prepared for that much-anticipated hunt. Compound Crossbow vs. With its 150 lb. Best Answer: Compond bow, faster arrows, less weight to hold at full draw, bigger price recurve bows less issues to go wrong, holding full draw weight and less Recurve Bow. The Samick Sage is one of the better recurve bow options out there when looking for the best hunting bow. Compound bows are more size-specific for the shooter rather than being a one-size-fits-all bow. If a bow is loud and puts off bad vibrations it can and will spook game and cause deer to jump the string. The main difference between the recurve bow and the compound bow is, of course, their respective shape. It is called recurve because the limbs are faced away from the user. Re: Recurve question about draw weight vs compund bow A curious question about recourve Vrs. Hunter said small game bow hunters with a bit more time like to look for birds off the Dalton Highway, where bow hunting is allowed, but firearm hunting is prohibited within five miles of the highway. With all of the options on the market, finding the best recurve bow to suit your individual needs can be a time-consuming process. Potshot Archery - Official Importers and distributors of PSE Bows SA - Bow Accessories - Compound Bows - Archery Equipment - Crossbows - Recurve Bows - Best Archery Shop in Johannesburg - Hunting Shop - potshot. The decision to start with a recurve bow or a compound bow is a topic that is widely debated. The compound bow Is a lot more accurate and reliable but it is a great bit heavier than a recurve. BACK TO BASICS CALL US AT 877. A compound bow may be created into an especially correct shooting bow. Many bowhunters and archers prefer traditional bows to compound bows. Compound Crossbow Crossbows with recurve limbs must have longer limbs and a longer barrel to provide a longer power stroke as compared to a compound crossbow. The Definition of Archery and Archery History Archery by definition is the art, practice, or skill of shooting with a bow and arrow. Recurve Bow After learning the essential characteristics and the walking of both bows above, it’s now time to decide which bow works best for you. With a little daily practice, I was able to get 6 arrows in a 6″ circle at 10 yds in 30 seconds without really rushing. JUst like if you take a hand full of straws and stack them 3 wide but 20 thick verses 10 wide 3 thick , and bend them the first will be stifer the second easier to bend. If a recurve and compound crossbow were compared with the same draw weight and powerstroke would the speeds be basically the same. A one-piece recurve bow takes you back in time thanks to a flawless design and outstanding performance. Also, for the same draw weight / powerstroke bows would the recurve or compound tend to be less noisy, understanding that crossbows typically aren't quite. The compound bow utilizes a sleek, modern design that relies upon complex yet easy to maintain technology geared toward power and speed. A typical compound bow stores about twice the energy of a recurve with the same peak draw weight. It is advantageous in the sense that it involves less maintenance because it has few breakable parts. Longbows are easier to draw back and shoot, while you can shooter faster with a recurve, which can also sometimes be taken down, unlike the one-piece longbow. Recurve (Traditional) Bow these bows are best used in the shooting competitions as well as hunting the smaller game. When I was a little kid, medieval war movies were common Saturday afternoon television fare and thus, they served as my fist introduction to the world of archery and obtaining a bow and learning to shoot it soon became an obsession with me. So today I was at a flea market when I saw a beautiful recurve bow (with 5 arrows!!!) priced at only $35 dollars. To keep our services free, we do accept affiliate commissions through some of our links. The recurve bow is yet another design, but one in which the tips of the bow curve away from the archer when strung. By looking at a recurve bow vs compound bow comparison, it is clear that both have their own pros and cons. The bow needs to be a heavy draw weight, light physical weight for easy carrying over long distances, short and maneuverable in tight spaces, and free from assorted parts that could break down or get caught in brush and trees and such, or get gummed up with dirt The modern crossbow and compound bow are to hunting what the metallic cartridge with smokeless powder is to firearms. Recurve and longbow brands such as Cabela's, Bear Archery, Martin Archery, PSE and Vista sport the old-school style on archery for both competition and hunting. The compound bow, not to be confused with a composite bow, is a modern bow that uses a levering system, usually of cables and pulleys, to bend the limbs. The compound bow is the most popular contemporary bow for hunting as it has the smallest learning curve and the best advantages for hunting applications, and in some cases even outperforms firearms. Find the recurve bow or youth recurve bow you want now! In choosing a recurve bow for hunting, one of the things you need to consider is whether you want a take-down bow or not. A take-down comes with two limbs that can be separated from the riser. Find the greatest selection of Archery Equipment, Archery Supplies and Archery Products at Lancaster Archery Supply - The World Leader in 3D and Target Archery since 1983. The last time I used a compound seriously for carp -- 2001 -- was the summer prior to my Florida alligator hunt with Lewis Clanton, shooting an 85-pound finger bow with tritium pin and slotted (for break-away buoy) AMS Retriever Reel. 99 Tiger Archery 30inch Fiberglass Arrow With Replaceable Arrowhead Spine 500 for Recurve and Compound Bow Hunting and Practice Hunting(Pack of 12) Compound vs. compound xbows. Well you may be wondering how I made this list. And I recently killed a 4 year old, 900 pound, buffalo bull with a 55 pound recurve (much slower and less kinetic energy than a similar compound bow), and it was down in 40 yards and dead in less than five minutes. The Bear Attitude compound bow is a powerful and well-made hunting bow, yet extremely affordable. But either way, it is personal preference and how you plan to shoot and what type of hunting you will be doing that will help you determine if a short bow is for you. Barnett Recruit Recurve is a popular option on the lower end of the price range. The compound is the favorite of the hunter and as hunting is such a large market in the USA and other parts of the world the choice and selection of compound bows is slightly greater than that of the more traditional recurve. The fact is that both deliver What are the differences between recurve vs compound bow is a quite common question in archery?Especially, those who are new to this exciting hobby need to learn about these two types of bows. At the same time, crossbows are aimed in the same manner as a rifle, which also makes them easier to shoot from the sitting or kneeling positions than a compound bow. The recurve bow is designed to be smaller and more compact, which makes this bow better if you need to quickly move about while out hunting. A recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to the arrow. planning on hunting a few rabbits i heard a 20lb bow shoud do the trick wondering wether a recurve or a compound would be better. Archery) submitted 3 years ago by Sunnydaysonmymind Looking for my first bow for hunting, I was wondering which would be a good type, brand and material (wooden or fiberglass) without breaking the bank. Hoyt Fred Eichler Buffalo, almost look normal Find this Pin and more on Archery by Adventure Guru. In the same way, modern compound bow takes much of the challenge and fun out of bow hunting. . Leader Accessories Compound Bow 30-55lbs Archery Hunting with Max Speed 296fps Brand New · 55lbs. s. If you opt for a recurve bow without brass bushings, you can add a simple peep sight, or a glue-on arrow rest. Then one of the little grandkids can take it over when of age. Visit our online shop and share your archery & hunting experience with friends all over the world. 2018 Best Compound Bow Reviews For Beginners & Pro Hunters Luckily, with competition in full swing, you can get our top pick bow, the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro , for a very reasonable price. That said, it is quite interesting that many hunters still prefer to use a recurve bow for hunting. Because its arms are made of multiple layers of carbon, carbon foam, and fiberglass, this bow comes with a greater mass. Re: Recurve vs. This also means that the string rests against the limb of the bow at the top and bottom. Hello, I am writing to ask about the specifics behind the concept that recurve bows have an arrow velocity advantage over longbows , all else being equal: (bow, string, and draw length, and force applied to the string)Does the recurve bow have more stored energy just from the extra curve of the limbs, and how does this end up in releasing more energy upon release?. Recurve bows are the bow of choice for many archery competitions since they require more accuracy on the part of the user than most compound bows. Who knows you may find a love for the long bow, I and many others sure have! Or hunting big game with vintage recurve bows might be your bag, been there a few times too. It is the most simplistic of all archery equipment and has been around for thousands of years. Many hunters and archers opt for this type of recurve bow because you can simply detach the limbs from the riser. Best bow hunting tips for beginner bow hunters, tricks & bow reviews. Tribe Archery risers and bows are the vision of an avid outdoorsman who wanted a better bow, one that was adaptable, responsive and powerful. It is difficult to imagine archery and hunting without the compound bow and the modern crossbow. between the two. Compound Bow vs Crossbow – Which one is The Best in Hunting? Bowhunting By Randy Johnson December 29, 2015 Compound Bow vs Crossbow: Both of them has been two of the most popular types of weapon in hunting for a long time. A recerves limbs are wide and thin verses a longbows limbs are thick and thin. Compound bow, crossbow, hunting Compound bows Oneida bow Green arrow bow c ARROW CW The Arrow Cross bows Recurve Bows Recurve Bow Hunting Forward This is the bow used by the Green Arrow on the "Arrow" television series. Buy recurve bows, compound bows, bow sights, arrows, and ghillie camouflage suits. Compound Crossbow: Which is Right for You? There’s no right or wrong crossbow to buy, there’s only the type that best suits your preferences. Therefore, you get more bang for the buck compared to a traditional bow—that is, your arrows will shoot faster for a given draw weight when compared to a traditional bow and deliver more kinetic energy in a hunting situation. For example, a traditional archery bow and arrow is ideal for target shooting versus the more powerful recurve bow or recurve crossbow for serious game hunting. draw, the Wizard is capable of slinging arrows up to 210 fps. Neither bow comes with the complicated system of pulleys and counterweights in a compound bow. Modern bolts and broadheads are devastating. Sold my compound bow a few years back and was thinking about getting back into archery with a traditional recurve. Recurve bows have recently made a big comeback as a popular weapon for hunting, target shooting, and even some competitive archery. The compound is much easier to draw and shoot than a recurve, but some people really like the simple purity of recurve hunting. If you regard hunting as a very primal and instinct-based activity, then you must be in the market for the best recurve bow out there. Before we tackle the question of which is better, recurve bow vs compound bow, we should distinguish exactly how a recurve bow relates to a traditional bow. Received “The Bronze Award” by BowHunt America magazine. The bow itself is usually made of manufactured materials, usually either carbon or aluminum. Thus, at the end of the day, harping on draw lengths just doesn’t matter at all – crossbows have the edge in power, period. Best Hunting Bow: Guide and Reviews. What do you archers think about a compound bow and why do you think its used for such as hunting, fishing, or just shooting targets. Recurve Crossbow vs. My first deer with a recurve bow shot 160 f. At each end of your compound bow is an axel that feeds the string for your draw. Compound bow brands like Cabela's, Bear Archery, Diamond Archery, PSE and Quest are all ready to take down a trophy buck. SAS Courage 60″ Hunting Takedown Recurve Archery Bow Beginning with the recurve bow, this is simply a traditional bow whose limbs curve away from the user when unstrung. Springfield XD Forum. A 70 lb compound bow, a high end one, will beat a 110 lb longbow in power. The crossbow and compound bow are commonly used in hunting and are both excellent bows; no bow is more superior to the other. The Recurve Bow Also considered a “traditional” bow, the limbs are shorter than a longbow and curve back away from the belly of the bow, which can provide more power in a shorter bow than the longbow. Technology has made these two bows more efficient, effective, accurate, and easier to use by mounting sights and other accessories like pulley systems, crank cockers, and locking devices to reduce the force needed when you draw the bow. A longbow is often seen as the forgiving type of bow. Nothing else compares to Hoyt’s Carbon Series bows, because there is nothing else in the world like them. 410. An article that examines what's the best tool for a hunter that is trying to decide using a compound bow or crossbow. recurve bow for shtf, recurve vs compound shtf, tactical recurve bow. A recurve bow looks different from a longbow because of the curve of its limbs, or the ends of the bow. With a large selection of leading brands in stock Cabela's has the recurve bow and longbow you need. In general, compound bows are widely used in target practice and hunting. Complete these easy steps before your first shopping trip , and you’ll be ready to try compound archery faster than you can say “archery!” Top 10 Best Recurve Bow Reviews- Check out best recurve bow reviews and ultimate guide 2018. Hoyt’s industry-leading Carbon bows continue to be in a class all of their own. However, the greater need for accuracy with recurve bows also affects them when hunting. These two basic designs can go a long way towards steering the direction of your choice—its either you pick a compound crossbow or a recurve crossbow. Drawing 20lbs on a compound bow will mean greater arrow speed and distance than drawing 20 lbs on a recurve. The instinctive nature of the draw and release, the simplicity of the instrument, the vast assortment of woods and designs, and the history of the bow all make for a powerful pull on the modern man. A recurve bow can pack similar power into a more compact frame when constructed properly - rather than needing a 6' tall bow to achieve a 70-80# pull weight, a recurve bow can achieve the same pull weight in a shorter arm length - and it can do it in a variety of different ways. Shooting a new recurve or compound bow for target shooting, archery competitions or hunting is such a great hobby. The main difference from the recurve bow would be the shape. Told that to a friend on mine and he said that I wouldn't be welcome in his camp of archers with a recurve. Bow hunting is something I was raised with. Compare this to the typical range of 60-80 ft-lbs delivered by compound bows, and 25-45 ft-pounds produced by most recurve bows. Choosing between the two depends more on what your specific needs are as an archer. I have been archery hunting and target practicing for nearly 40 years now. What difference does it make if the compound bow is drawn a minute before shooting (deer not in the presence yet) and a crossbow that is drawn a half hour before? Your point of the mechanical advantage of a compound over a traditional bow is a good one, but a separate topic. I’m here to make your life simpler, Archer. Apex Hunting sells compound and recurve bows and archery supplies at great prices, including BowTech, PSE, and Diamond compound hunting bows. Featuring specifications, magazine reviews, user comments, and hunting videos. Importers and Distributors of Archery Equipment. I do make a nod to technology in the form of a plain pin sight - but no peep, no stabilizer, no fancy rest, etc. compound. The recurve bow was developed to try and address some of the shortcomings of the longbow, and it has also been in use for at least a few thousand years. A compound bow with a 30 inch draw length and a 7 inch brace height (the distance from grip to the string at rest) has a 23 in power stroke (30-7=23). Compound Hunting Bows. The compound bow uses pulleys and strings to create the tension that the bow needs to fire the arrow. We would consider this a starter hunters bow, so if you have some more experience you may want to check out some of our other recommendations. A recurve bow is sometimes referred to as a traditional bow because it has a similar design to bows used in the past. The compound bow was developed in the mid-20th century by Holless Wilbur Allen. Axle-To-Axle Length The third difference between hunting and target bows is the axle-to-axle length, or in the case of recurves, the overall length of the bow. Another downside of the compound bow is the size. co. Let’s make a quick comparison of both arrows below on the following important aspects: Handling of Crossbow VS Compound Bow. This incredible compound bow value is designed to be ultra-adjustable without the need of a bow press, the Uprising™ features an adjustable draw length of 14”-30” and an adjustable draw weight from 15 to 70 lbs. The bow has been used as an effective hunting tool for thousands of years and continues to prove itself in this arena even in modern times. The Crossbow Guide: Recurve vs. Also, the fact I'm talking about is that nowadays, bows on sale max out at 65 lbs for recurves and longbows because of a matter of supply and demand (not many people can pull more than 65 lbs). When the bow does come equipped for add-ons, your options open up quite a bit. While bow and arrow have been used by mankind since time immemorial, there have been chang Looking for some feed back. If you grew up hunting with a compound bow or recurve, you may prefer to use a compound bow for hunting. Traditional Vs. A recurve bow is a bow with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. Compound Bow Some have been thinking about the difference between recurve bow and a compound bow. The draw weight is the principal parameter that decides whether a recurve bow is suitable for hunting or not. If you’re new to the sport, want a crossbow with less complicated maintenance and a lower price tag, a recurve bow is probably the right choice. Compound crossbows are among the most accurate and powerful of all sport shooting or hunting bows. Hozi-Zone Youth Compound Bow: Hori-Zone Youth Compound The Wizard Crossbow by ASC is a very inexpensive recurve crossbow to try out the sport of crossbow archery. A recurve bow has limbs that curve away from towards the archer at the ends. You simply need to decide the style of hunting you have planned for yourself. Is 45 "too much" or "about right" when I start using a recurve? Recurve vs. Hunting with a recurve bow is often a thankless task – it takes much greater skill and patience to be a successful hunter with a recurve bow (or other traditional bow type) than it does with a compound bow. The main purpose of a hunting recurve bow is to put one fairly heavy broadhead-tipped arrow into an animal at a fairly close range. Its sleek narrow design is reminiscent of a long bow with a recurve static tip that retains its shape during the draw cycle of the bow packing a pow Going from a compound to a recurve gives you the impression that while a compound is a more powerful and consistent shooting bow, it does a lot of the work for you, taking away from the satisfaction you feel from accomplishing a goal with hard work. Actually it is a result of team effort. You can identify the compound bow by the multiple strings and the system of pulleys at either end of the bow. Liberty archery makes the Liberty I, the world’s smallest, lightest, shortest, high let-off, compound hunting bow. Technique and Accuracy Compound bows allow the archer to shoot greater distances with less fatigue. The compound bow also has a string and a bow, but so much more. They both shoot arrows at intense speeds due to tension in a string. has been dedicated to manufacturing of Crossbow, Compound bow and Recurve bow for over 10 years. The recurve bow is the older type that has a more basic design. This said, I do have a compound bow specifically built for bowfishing with no let off and allows me to snap shoot if needed. i have had a look at 35+ bows and i cant really get one for christmas as there quite expencive btw im only 14 so i probably couldnt manage too powerfull bows. This means a compound bow is found to be the best bow for beginners for different purposes such as bowfishing, hunting, archery, target practice, etc. One of the major differences of recurve and compound bows lies in the design of the bows. We have our own engineering team,lots of machines, moulds and equipments and workers who have the same enthusiasm. For You guys that hunt with them how often do you actually hold on the shot or is it draw and shoot. This video reviews a few beginner level compound bows and gives beginners a few things to keep in mind when deciding which bow to start off with. Compound Bows. Much like the AR-15 vs AK-47 debate, archers are embroiled in an everlasting debate over whether a compound or recurve bow is better. In fact, with improved technology, bow hunting has only gotten better. If you draw a compound bow back to full draw, the official draw length is found by measuring the distance from the nocking point on the string, in a line perpendicular to the center line of the bow, to an imaginary point above the pivot point of the grip, plus 1. Both of them are used in the sport of archery, but they differ in size, weight, draw effort, and expertise of the user. Every product we make is proudly manufactured in Sparta, Wisconsin, USA. I couldn't resist. We get to understand what longbow vs. The product is made of fiberglass and is coated with multiple layers of wood with a smooth finish. I got it home and thought I would do some "plinking" (for lack of a better word), when I discovered that a 50 pound draw is way, way WAY more than I can handle. Intro to Bowhunting & Archery If you are new to the sport of bowhunting or archery in general and would like to have some personalized attention, this is the forum to post your questions. Compound Bow vs. The compound bow, especially the bows made today are awsome! There is really no comparing a recurve to a compound today. you’ll place these same accessories on a standard bow, however, the compound with its nice absolve of draw weight permits you to require it slow and obtain an ideal sight image before cathartic your When Holless Wilbur Allen cut the limbs off a recurve and added wheels and cables to create the first compound bow in the 1960s, he launched an arms race to build the fastest hunting bow possible. Best compound bow for hunting enthusiasts While there are plenty of compound bows out there that cater to a wide variety of shooters and are a good idea for target practice, as well as for the field, the Bear Archery Species RTH is the type of gear that sits opposite to that. This bow is known for its widespread use in both field and 3D archery as well as bowhunting. and that deer is still just as dead. open and shut? Post by hunter with MS » Tue Jan 10, 2017 5:30 pm For me the number 1 reason I went with Recurve is the weight rather be carrying 5 pounds then 6 plus pounds . A target bow is usually a pretty colorful bow; a hunting bow is normally in a camo pattern. Recurve Bows vs Other Bows. Longbow vs recurve vs compound Hunting (self. recurve bow is all about. in theory wouldnt both shoot the same fps? or does the mechanics give the coumpound more of a punch? View Compound Hunting Bows View Compound Target Bows Arguably the best bow for the buck, the PowerMax brings you the perfect mix of technology, performance, style I love hunting with my compound bow, but its fun to change the pace and increased the challenge a little bit every now and then. If you’re looking to enter the world of traditional archery, a good recurve bow is an excellent starting point. If the axels are far apart, the bow is better for shooting while standing or in open spaces. For pigs, I would stick with a compound unless you are a real serious recurve shooter. This 64-inch static tip bow is a rebirth from 1952. If not what makes the difference between the bow types. for the same poundage bow, a compound will carry alot more arrow speed, and energy. Since then, there have been a lot of changes in the shape and design of bows used by men. Final Thoughts: Compound vs. hunting with a recurve bow vs compound