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focal home speakers review If you use our links to buy, we may get a commission. Two-ways, three-ways, centers, surrounds, and subs should be enough for even the most elaborate entertainment system. If you pair these speakers with an entry-level AV receiver and low-cost subwoofer, you'll have a sound system that outperforms sound bars and smaller home theater speaker packages. 4 Stars & Up & Up; Home Services Handpicked Professionals Happiness Guarantee: Visit Bowers & Wilkins to experience and shop for our award-winning wireless speakers, wired & wireless headphones, earphones, hi-fi speakers and home theatre speakers. The incredibly powerful, responsive, loud, and clear speaker mainly fits right with the high quality Focal line of products. We want every loudspeaker and every speaker driver to be the best in its category. Call or chat with us today for free expert advice. Imaging, tonal balance, and performance at all listening levels are simply astonishing. Founded in 1980, Focal loudspeakers is widely regarded by hi-fi experts as a first-rate player in speaker design. Here are drawings of the new designs. They have less distortion and are therefore more pleasant to listen to for WHAT ARE THE FOCAL SOPRA NO. This helps keep manufacturing cost down and provides more decor options. Focal designs and manufactures headphones and loudspeakers with breathtaking form as well as sound. 1. The French company is proud of its many awards and that it still builds its speakers in France - including the Chorus 700 range. The Focal XS Book are a small pair of self-amplified speakers. " – Steve Guttenberg, Home Theater Unique to Focal: The Al/Mg Inverted-Dome Tweeter Focal-JMlab is a French company, which has been designing and selling high-fidelity audio systems since 1979. The Focal Spark are light to the point where I would frequently forget that I had them in my shirt or pants pocket. Since 1980, Focal has designed, developed and manufactured drive-units and loudspeakers. The professionals know better, after all they have been at it for many more years than most and frequently have the budgets to allow for a serious studio setup. We spent 45 hours on research, videography, and editing, to review the top choices for this wiki. 1 are standmounted stereo speakers near the very highest end of high fidelity. And when that happens, the speakers' technology melts away, and all you think about is the music. Focal Speakers Review - 295 results from brands Focal, Super Pro, Olympus, products like Focal Access 690AC 6" X 9" 2-WAY Speakers, FOCAL P165V30 LE 30th ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION 6. Read the full review here : http://www. The Focal Dome Flax 5. Yes, for most people this is a Their same line of speakers would be CDT, Focal, DLS,Dynaudio and Hertz. I own a set of Aktimates powered computer speakers and understand that Epos is owned also by the same company. Was kind of impressed with the Focal Audio speakers. Focal America - Manufacturer of high quality mobile audio speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and other audiophile accessories. Our editors hand-picked these products based on our tests and reviews. 95 . 5" CAR 2-WAY COMPONENT SPEAKERS MIDS CROSSOVERS TWEETERS NEW, Focal K2 Power 40KX 16" Dual 4-Ohm Component Subwoofer, Car Speakers The wired Focal Spark earphones deliver a rich, full bass response but could use a little more presence in the higher frequencies to balance things out. The Focal family sound is generally very fast, sharp and engaging; these speakers go loud without compression and punch hard on transients, making them lively listens. Focal isn't known for budget gear but the Focal Spark offer a low barrier to entry into the the company's high end audio line-up that's worth checking out. (The Utopia Be line is their flagship series, and the Chorus 700V speakers comprise their entry-level line. Find your local dealer online. Some home speakers will be inherently more expensive because of brand or design, but know that value-priced systems aren't necessarily all that bad. Product Features Focal design and sound. Â Their goal was to create a speaker that could be easily Focal Dôme 5. See all results for focal speakers. Take a 5. The satellite speakers can be wall mounted, placed on (optional) matching floor stands, or parked on convenient shelving or AV furniture. Having the ability to create drivers for your speakers is an enviable position that only the biggest and most influential companies are in. And while it is judging a book by its cover, from the moment I opened the package of Über-expensive headphones are the bane of my existence. . Wooing the Parents with the Focal Sopra No. 2 is a slick one-box Dolby Atmos solution with a classy sound signature – and might be just what your home cinema has been crying out for. Find focal from a vast selection of Home Speakers and Subwoofers . The Focal Elear headphones are almost otherworldly. hi there . Focal Aria 936 speakers Big Brother to Focal's excellent Aria 926 speakers The 936 is essentially a 'turbocharged' version of Focal's ultra popular, highly reviewed 926 floorstander, which in turn is a turbo charged version of the company's ultra popular, highly reviewed 906 standmount design! Gibbys Electronic Supermarkets 15% Online Lowest Price Guarantee. Overture, nationally recognized as the leader in the field of high end audio, home theater and home electronics, is Focal’s premier dealer in America. Focal 165 KRX2 Component Speakers is a 6-1/2" (165mm) 2-way kit that has a high precision separate crossover integrating tweeter level adjustment,adjustable midrange as well as treble booster. Exceptional sound quality and design in every Dynaudio loudspeaker. Focal’s line of premium speakers represents 34 years of innovative research and development, combined with a true love of music. I encountered Focal's exceedingly fine Focal Sopra No. Focal Electra 1027Be Floorstanding Speakers DESCRIPTION The enclosure to the Electra 1027be is made in the same factory as their Utopia series, resulting in an almost identical imaculate quality. 00 K-07 in my usual Naim/PMC reference system, as well as with the Creek Evolution 50A amplifier and Focal Aria 926 speakers while they were ‘passing through’ for review […] Free support for loudspeaker projects, sourcing OEM speaker building supplies, and passive crossover design. TM Sealed. At this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, during the introduction of Focal’s latest masterpiece, there were smiles all around, but I had the biggest smile, knowing a pair of Kantas would be waiting for me when I got home. Audio Plus Services, Focal-JMlab’s North American distributor, provided us with an iCub and a set of Focal’s Sib stereo speakers and matching stands for evaluation. December 7, 2009 Focal XS 2. 2 ($9,999/pair), a newer addition to the Focal family. My first experience with flax cone speakers is a set of Performance Expert Series PS 165 FX components, which have a list price of $599. Utopia and Elear are about to hit the market as two very high-end headphones that will be made in France at an all-new production line at Focal's manufacturing facility. Look for high bass values in the subwoofer and at least three satellite speakers to provide something of a surround-sound experience. Product Description Focal IC 690TOY is a two-way coaxial kit with elliptical speaker drivers We have 1 review of Focal Dimension subwoofer with a score of 83%. Toshiba TY-ASW91 Micro Component System Black Home Speakers New Remote control, 2 speakers, Micro component, manual, cables. The Chorus are Focal's most affordable line. SKU: FocalKanta2. Home / Speakers / Focal Kanta 2 (New Model) Focal Kanta 2 (New Model) Be the first to review this product. Focal Chorus 605: we published a review of the Focal Sib Evo Atmos speakers a few weeks ago, and the Chorus 600 range?s DNA is similar, although it is much more reserved in its restitution of highs. Home » Best Studio Subs » Focal Sub 300 P Studio Subs Review The Focal Sub 300 P studio subs are designed and built by French brand Focal, one of the leading manufacturers of high-fidelity speakers in the world. It certainly has the sonic punch to lead the pack, with its detailed response and solid low-end. Audio monitor speakers give a clearer sound than regular home speakers. By. Yes, you can adjust the bass, and maybe upper frequencies, either to the front or back of the car, you can’t enjoy the sound quality from every seat in the car. In the “Best Car Speakers” Section you are going to find 2017 reviews and recommendations about the best car Speakers models and manufacturers. (Since the iCub is designed Focal Chorus SR700 Surround-Sound Speakers. Having an involvement in the car audio industry I see some interesting, and lofty, demands from time to time. And the new 926 doesn’t lose any of these good things, but it seems to do everything with a little more elan than you’d have got from the earlier 800 series. Focal Spirit One Headphone Review - PREFACE Focal have been in the high end of audio for more than 30 years now and currently make some truly outstanding speakers. The Focal Spark can indeed be considered a solid contender for the best wired in-ear headphones in its price-range. So, it was with just a little concern that these unproven, $7000 Focal Sopra No1 speakers were installed in the main audio system. Customer Review. The SQ is great. ) Shopping for focal speakers? Since 1974 our Virginia-based Advisors have loved helping folks find the right gear. I purchased these from local dealer in 2010, used in my AV system for short period, and have been boxed and stored since 2011. The most interesting challenge to date came via an enthusiast who’s married to a X-Fi Sonic Carrier review: Home theater of the absurd (I decided to push the Focal review to a later date). Focal Elear is the French answer to the Sennheisers, Beyerdynamics, Audezes and MrSpeakers of the world. Focal Sub 300 P Studio Subs Review The Focal Sub 300 P studio subs are designed and built by French brand Focal, one of the leading manufacturers of high-fidelity speakers in the world. Leave it to a French speaker maker to change headphones design in epic ways. The T50 has a pair of 6. Five identical loudspeakers, and two more giant subwoofers stacked on top of one another, sporting large forward-firing drivers and twin ports. This Package Includes (2) Electra 1038 BE 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speakers Electra 1038 BE 3-Way Bass-Reflex Floorstanding Speaker. The new Focal Sopra series is of the best speakers we have heard in a long time regardless of price. Focal Aria 948 speakers The 948, a three-way, bass-reflex tower speaker, is the top model in Focal’s Aria 900 series. Both series feature a combination of in-wall and in-ceiling designs. In June last year I was invited to the launch of the Focal Sopra No 3 floor standing loudspeakers at KJ West One in Marylebone . The Electra 1027 speaker Be was a flagship of the Focal range, the 1028 Be high end floorstanding speaker goes even further, especially in the bass with the dual port Powerflow system. Focal Utopia Be Kit Nº 6 Quick Review: The focal of all Focal's, the Utopia Be Kit N°6 Active. As such, this review constitutes Part II, a second installment of the story that started with the Diablo review, in which we noted significant advances made by Focal in the areas of driver performance and cabinet design. Â With a successful history of high-quality full-sized loudspeakers it was only natural for them to design a lifestyle product. all audio enthusiasts here is a little advice which may be useful for you. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Focal Home Speakers & Subwoofers. Focal's Maestro Utopia produces natural tonality and dynamic contrast unmatched by many other speakers. In 2010, when advertisers and readers were requesting coverage beyond the scope of that site, TrulyNet was launched, reaching a broader audience over a variety of niche sites. They excel at ease of use, vanishingly small size on a desktop, pleasant, undistorted sound with very low power consumption while delivering plenty of volume. Check out this video review of Focal Clear open-back, over-ear luxury headphones: Focal is a French high-end speaker and headphone maker and the Clear ($1500) is its latest premium open-back, over-ear offering. The 700V series, as noted, has already received a facelift and has a bit more easy going style. pkg Focal Auditor R-165S2 6. The listening experience is thus more formal than fun, and unless it is pushed, the Focal Chorus 605 delivers a less playful sound. Experience the Ultimate Spirit of Sound Full Active 2-Way Component Kit Ultima is a active audio kit designed and developed from the best of Focal technologies, from the most prestigious hi-fi speakers. Headphones Speakers Focal-JMlab Focal XS Back in 2005, I reviewed the iCub , the first “digital lifestyle” product from French audiophile company Focal-JMlab . We hooked up a set of totally blown factory speakers, plus a set of Focal speakers, covered them with acoustically transparent cloth, and asked a few co-workers to drop by our lab for a listening Focal, the French loudspeaker maker—the French loudspeaker maker (there are others, but really, name one)—is best known on these shores for the Utopia series of haute-highend ultra-towers, which, cresting at something like $185,000 for a pair, step well over what I think of as the Che Guevara line. If you want truly immersive sound for your home theatre setup This review, of the third iteration of Focal’s Viva Utopia, was one of those occasions What’s reviewed here is a simple system on the face of it. Focal Access 165 A1 SG Speakers Review The brother of the “165 CA1”, the two pairs of speakers are quite identical. It has a reputation for high-quality sound. we will review the newest car Speakers from every perspective and measure it on a lot of scales like price, quality, sound output, bass, additional features, and customer reviews about the sub Gold Sound is Colorado's only dealer displaying 5 Focal bookshelf models, 6 Focal tower models, plus Focal subwoofer & center channel speakers, including from the Chorus, Aria & Electra series. They are actually my first speakers and I’ve been waiting to get into this game for some time, but my headphone system always got the best of my wallet. Focal focuses on Dolby Atmos with its newest line of Sib Evo home theater speakers By Bill Henderson / July 13, 2017 July 13, 2017 / News / Speakers / Leave a Comment Morel products and sound systems are sold in the home hi-fi, home theater, and mobile audio markets in more than 55 countries worldwide. Focal Car Speakers Review - 294 results from brands Focal, Olympus, Super Pro, products like Focal Access 690AC 6" X 9" 2-WAY Speakers, FOCAL P165 V30 6. Greg Greg dreamed up the idea for the Truly Network while living in Hawaii, which began with a single site called TrulyObscure. From Focal’s high-resolution soundbars and subwoofers, to floorstanding speakers and 5. I wouldn’t normally mention packaging in a review, but Focal’s decision to pack the speakers and stands in the same box results in back-breaking weight that’s simply unnecessary. Concerns To call them "outdoor" speaker is a bit of a stretch. 1 Black - $999 USD This package is Focal's standard 5. A three-way, bass-reflex floorstander, the 948 is the top model in Focal’s Aria 900 line. 1? The Sopra No. Shop Focal's high-end floorstanding speaker range at our Bucks County, PA showroom. Buy FOCAL ISC-165 6. By Steve Huff. The best home theaters and speakers by EISA 2017-18 award 1 Best Ultra HD Blue -Ray Player – Panasonic DMP UB300/UB400 The DMP UB300/UB400 series by Panasonic have every reason to be called the best. That's still a lot of speakers. Power and depth are combined with the energy that Focal’s high-end speakers are Home » Mid-Priced Monitoring Speakers » Focal Alpha 80 Monitoring Speaker Review French company Focal has established itself as one of the most revered monitor manufacturers in the world, and it’s common to see Focal’s monitoring speakers when visiting professional studios. Speaker driver Focal invents Dôme, miniature speakers with exceptional performance, dedicated to Home Cinema. whatever you do DO NOT purchase focal speakers. Since 1979, the experts in design & custom installation of high end audio & home theater. 5" Component Car Speaker of 2018? Speakers The Focal Sopra #2 Speaker Review. 00 $ 1,699. These have been my main speakers for stereo listening but I am upgrading my space and upgrading my speakers. This Saint-Étienne -based company manufactures loudspeakers for the home, speaker drivers for automobiles, headphones and professional monitoring loudspeakers. A wonderfully voiced instrument in which every detail serves the source material and delivers seamless rear-channel information and ideal integration with the other speakers in the system, the Focal Chorus SR700 surround-sound speaker functions as the perfect complement for a top-flight home-theater environment, particularly when paired with other Focal has just drastically upped its headphone game with two very high-end models. I bought a pair of 726v and the tweeter broke down during warranty. Home Audio Electronics, Home Theater Systems, Headphones, Car Audio Toshiba TY-ASW91 Micro Component System Black Home Speakers New Remote control, 2 speakers, Micro component, manual, cables. speakers for the home, residential and commercial featuring Paradigm, Revel and Martin Logan. French speaker manufacturer Focal has introduced three absolutely stunning new hi-fi speakers as part of its Kanta line, aiming to capture high-end buyers who are after beautiful-looking (and Where the Focal speakers in the higher range have a monochromatic cabinet, the Kanta is a two piece design, with your choice of black or a wood finish, with eight color choices for the front baffle. Today they make everything from home audio speakers to car stereo drivers, headphones, and high-end professional studio monitors. Orb Audio features small home theater speakers, soundbars, surround sound systems and stereo speakers with big sound. I was looking at purchasing some floor standing speakers and didn't know if anyone here has had any experience with the focal chorus 726 or the Epos Elan 30 speakers. Even though the Sib Evo incorporates the Dolby Atmos height speakers into the Floorstanding Speakers; Coaxial Car Speakers; Car Audio Speakers & Subwoofers; Centre Channel Speakers; Audio & Home Theatre; Car Speaker Sets; Car Audio & Video Amplifier Equalizers Thes are excellent speakers. 2 The Evo 5. This Saint-Étienne based company manufactures speakers for the home, speaker drivers for automobiles, headphones and professional monitoring loudspeakers. Best Budget Home Theater speakers for 2018. 5" 120W RMS 2-Way Coaxial Speakers Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos Speaker System, 5. 2 speakers, Dolby Atmos, surround sound, Cub Evo Subwoofer, Focal Speaker System Review 2018 I’m very familiar with Focal speakers, even though the Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos Speaker System was new to me. Focal Sib Evo – Installation Dolby Atmos is an object Focal Chorus 716 S Floorstanding Speakers user reviews : 4 out of 5 - 5 reviews - audioreview. The full, brilliant sound of Focal is nearly unparalleled in the car audio world, and brings a complete sound to your vehicle. 5" Component Car Speakers for your car here Looking for the Best 6. French firm Focal makes speakers you can build into walls and ceilings as fixtures, as well as speakers for cars, amplifiers and headphones. And my home theater system employs Focal Chorus 714s and a Focal center channel speaker with good results. Focal Kanta 2 (New Model) New in the The Polyglass series of speakers has been arguably the most successful series in Focal’s product line, combining advanced technologies with careful manufacturing techniques and years of experience. Focal has never made headphones as pricey as these, or anything that even hinted at so much ability. After three years of research, Focal offers a new combination of exclusive Hi-Fi technologies: the marriage of Beryllium, in the next generation IAL3 tweeter, and Flax, for the midrange and bass speaker drivers. When I was with AV World Jeff left us a pair for evaluation, at the time I wasn’t looking for speakers currently owning a pair of Dynaudio Contor 1. com/articles/focal-aria-948 Introducing Décor Custom Collection: Custom-length speakers, built-to-spec from your exact measurements, delivering Paradigm high-performance sound, for the ultimate bespoke flat-panel TV installation—all Custom Crafted in Canada. They are an internationally renowned market leader in quality acoustic loudspeakers. xs-focal. 1 channel home theater systems, you’ll find a speaker for every audio need. Other speaker I listened to was the Alpine SPR-60C for the front doors and the SPR-60 for the rear shelf. The only difference between them is that the “165A1 SG” are component speakers while the “165 CA1” are coaxial speakers. Focal Utopia $10,000 Headphones for much less. Raven Point Source And Focal 6W4311B. Focal’s stunning “W” Cone speaker, as well as their proprietary ‘inverted dome’ Beryllium Tweeter design, are both featured in their Electra & Utopia ranges and generally acknowledged everywhere as the best sounding speakers in the world. 5" 120W RMS 2-Way Component Speakers and Focal Auditor R-165C 6. Focal Speakers . Focal’s newest range of speakers. Focal-JMlab Tantal 515 Speakers review October 28, 2016 Speakers Although FocalJMLab is approaching its 20th anniversary, and has been exporting for more than a decade, this French company's complete loudspeaker systems (the JMLabs, as distinct from Focal's raw drive-units) have only been available in Britain for less than a year. Thank you. KEY FEATURES • Speakers designed, developed and manufactured in France by Focal. Compared to the other car speakers we reviewed, it is clearly one of the best sounding coaxial speakers on the market. For the Focal speaker audio engineers, their fresh design concept for the Utopia headphones was essential to re-create miniaturized but equally high-performance versions of their famed big speakers. In recent years they have seen themselves venture into the portable audio market, first with the Focal Classic and now we have the Focal Spirit One which is the companies lowest Previously, Focal was the name of the drivers the company sold to other hifi speaker manufacturers, however Focal decided to remarket their own JMLab speakers under the company name, creating the wide-ranging brand that’s won awards and is getting rave reviews. Focal has added three new models to its 300 Series of architectural speakers and announced the brand new entry-level 100 Series. The 165 V 30 system is sold as a 6. Focal Full Range Speakers are built for the listener demanding the exceptional. Home Theatre & Audio Visual Specialists including brands like Sonos, Bose, Focal, Kef, B&W, Control4, Yamaha, Denon, Sonus Faber and much more February 2018 · Write a comment · Categories: Hifi News · Tags: Audio Visual, AV, hi fi news, hifi news, home cinema, loudspeaker, Loudspeakers, speakers 2018 sees the launch of two new built-in speaker ranges from Focal, with the introduction of the all new entry-level 100 Series and additional products added to the mid-priced 300 Series. So I jumped at the chance to review any speakers from this company, but especially ones that, at $4995, a greater number of folks might be in the market to buy. 1 Speakers System $ 2,599. com - $599. We put them to the test. Focal has an excellent reputation overall, so when I was asked if I wanted to check out a pair of the new Focus Listen Professional headphones, I jumped at the opportunity. Focal has its own cabinet factory in France where it builds the complex Gamma Structure enclosure for Sopra. It offers some technical improvements. 00 Dôme is a high-end system, made in France, focusing on miniaturization as much as on high-tech. The Focal Dimension offers excellent sound, bass response and imaging, but it requires planning to fit into your home theater setup. For $2000 you get what you pay for. 1 sub/sat system, build in some Dolby-certified upfiring drivers into the L/R speakers, and – as Focal’s French design team no doubt said – voila! We have 1 review of Focal Dimension subwoofer with a score of 83%. Superbly balanced and neutral, its accuracy and definition are ideal for rooms near 20m2 without a drop in perceived volume. Focal's range of speakers is impressive including the Focal Grand Utopia EM to the Maestro Utopia to the Scala Utopia - Focal is a player in the world of uber-high-performance audiophile speakers Online shopping from a great selection at Electronics Store. Developed from technologies from the world renown utopia series the Sopra series added three more key technologies to the Sopra Lineup. Review: Focal's £3,500 Utopia headphones Focal has a long and acclaimed history with speakers and over recent years it has been turning its technologies to headphone creation. The audio quality of Focal’s Sib speakers is impressive considering their size. 1 compact loudspeakers for the first time at the 2017 AXPONA audio show in the Audio Plus Services suite. Call For Details. Aperion Audio Verus II Grand Tower Speaker Review Roundup. 00 Focal Chorus IC 706 V In-Ceiling Speakers - EACH $ 499. They should sound damned good, but historically they all to often have fatal flaws that degrade perceived performance to the point that they really aren't all that much better than some headphones of a much lower price. Like most focal speakers, the inverted domes on the tweeters provide excellent sound imaging throughout the vehicle. Shop for HDTVs, Receivers, and other home electronics online with free shipping nationwide. Review and compare specs, features & more of the Best 6. This is a review of the Focal Electra 1038 BE speakers that I recently purchased History and Evolution Looking back, I literally cannot believe where my system has gone from where it started just 3 years ago to where it is today. 1 bookshelf and N°2 floorstander, which I rather liked. Reviews; Review: Focal Kanta n°2. Avg. They come with original grills and tweeter grills. 00 at Amazon Bose SoundLink Revolve+ Inverted domes are ubiquitous throughout Focal’s ranges of speakers, and while they weren’t the first speaker maker to use diaphragms of beryllium (Yamaha and Pioneer/TAD were, in the 1970s), Focal seem to have triggered the current craze for the material, which they first used in a tweeter in 2002. 5-inch system, but is actually a 6. Buy Focal Aria 948 Floorstanding Loudspeakers from Audiolab. Focal ps165 car audio speakers are becoming more and more popular and worth their price tag. The impressive punch delivered by three 7″ (18cm) woofers with their inexhaustible power, reinforces the new clarity in Northcoast Audio is proud to be an authorized dealer for the best names in home audio speakers today, Including Danish made loudspeakers from Dali and Dynaudio, The famous KEF speakers from the UK, Revel by harmon, American made speakers from MAgnepan and JL Audio Subwoofers, Northcoast audio is an authorized dealer for Audioengine cmputer speakers Northcoast Audio is an Authorized Dealer for Focal's Elear sits behind the new Clear and the Utopia but remains one of the meatiest sounding headphones in the $1000 range. 75-inch system that will fit in most applications. It was a unique product with excellent performance The tweeter is the latest version of Focal’s aluminium/magnesium inverted dome; a combination of metals that was engineered to maximise stiffness to weight, and inverted because the French like to do things differently! A review, in critical terms, seems to me to be hardly necessary, for me, these speakers, paired with the Naim NAP 250 DR, are my audio nirvana. Focal has produced high fidelity speakers since 1979 and has consistently and constantly invested in acoustic research. 5" 6 1/2 140W RMS 2-Way Coaxial Car Speakers at Walmart. Shortly after completing the review of the Focal 1027S floorstanders for issue 59, a pair of the (£1,000 more expensive) 1027Be model arrived. It weighs a solid 77 pounds, and definitely looks and feels very sturdy. MTM Sealed Focal Chorus 706 Bookshelf Speakers Walnut Finish Amazing speakers for HIFI system Made in France Latest and Current Model (Not 706V) Used since Feb 2017 for about 50 hours of listening. The 807V is a new two-way bookshelf speaker, part of Focal’s Chorus series, which includes floor standing, surround and center channel speakers and a subwoofer. I can send anything you would need technical to evaluate & send a pair for you to test drive and review. The latest addition to Focal’s Classic Home Audio collection, the Kanta N°2 is a totally new design from the French company. Sound My 836 W review samples were brand new, so I broke them in for a time, driving them with my 13-year-old, 100Wpc Nakamichi AV-10 receiver at quite high volume levels. com offers the best prices on computer products, laptop computers, LED LCD TVs, digital cameras, electronics, unlocked phones, office supplies, and more with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Newegg. Speakers from Focal that everybody loves: We are going to mention car speakers, home speakers, and headphones not just car sound system related speakers because they have an amazing range of awesome speakers in each category. Read Full Review See it at: . Aperion Audio Verus II Grand tower speakers are a budget audiophile's dream come true. Focal Utopia is regarded by many as the top tier of over-ear headphones, and the Sopra speaker line similarly popular. 2 review Focal Sib Evo Dolby Atmos 5. They weigh a mere 14 grams, which is a tad more than Apple’s ear buds, which Focal is a French loudspeaker manufacturer that is well attuned to the developing trends in personal audio, and is this summer introducing two blockbuster pairs of headphones: the $999 Elear and Dynaudio offers the best loudspeakers for your home, studio and car. By utilising many of the company’s proprietary acoustic innovations with newly-researched techniques, Focal has created a compact 3-way floor-standing speaker that combines performance with a new industrial design. Based out of Saint-Étienne in France, Focal has been designing and manufacturing home audio products, car audio solutions, and equipment for recording studios for over 35 years. now i am facing worst customer services. For years Focal’s ‘Access’ range of speakers has been universally accepted as being arguably the best entry level loudspeakers available. Focal is recognized for creating some of the world’s top studio monitors, including the Focal Alpha 80 studio speakers , the Focal CMS 65 monitors , and the Review: Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers Focal is a brand with serious cache in the loudspeaker market. Clearly, Focal cares that their speakers arrive at your listening room in good shape. Focal’s Sib Evo speakers offer real, multi-channel Dolby Atmos sound in a package that’s as affordable as a soundbar, and almost as discrete. It retains many of the same features as Focal's Hi-Fi subwoofers but, like the rest of the Sib Evo range, has a more lifestyle-friendly design. Focal may not be a stranger to the audio community, but it was a bold move to produce a $4,000 headphone as their third release. 5-inch woofers, a 1-inch silk dome tweeter and a dedicated 6. The Utopia III, Sopra, Electra 1000 Be 2, Aria 900, and Chorus 700 lines include towers, monitors, and centers. 5-inch midrange driver. The latest model of the acclaimed Utopia III range, Viva Utopia is a compact three-way loudspeaker dedicated Audiophile Review's Reference Speakers News & Reviews Page For Audiophiles who have built their systems up to a significant level - there is no more important component in their system than their audiophile reference level loudspeakers Focal Utopia Headphone Review June 14, 2016 February 27, 2018 AudioHead 14 Comments Focal , Headphone , Utopia , Utopia Headphone Focal has been in the speaker business for more than 35 years, but it wasn’t until recently that they decided to take the leap into headphone development. I recently sold my car and let them go with it because I am one of those people who is only happy with something for a while before I want to upgrade, but in this instance I have decided that Focal is the only way for me when it comes to mids and highs. Be the first to review this item New Kit Plans Available . Focal makes the drivers, JMlab the loudspeakers with Focal drivers. Focal built on 35 years of high-end speaker designs to create a revolution in headphone sound, design, and comfort. Regular MusicTech readers may have noticed that review speakers are often compared to our in-house Focal CMS 40s. Since 1979, Focal is one of the world leaders of the High End acoustic loudspeakers. 1 sub/sat system, build in some Dolby-certified upfiring drivers into the L/R speakers, and – as Focal’s French design team no doubt said – voila! Prior to this, Focal designed and produced a very decent tiered range of speakers, but the breakthroughs made in the manufacturing process with beryllium, that most elusive of materials, really changed the whole ballgame. Utopia and Elear are made in France and about to hit the market. They're so comfortable you barely know they're on—and the sound is pristine. Focal Chorus 726 3-Way Bass Reflex Floorstanding Loudspeaker - PAIR $ 1,899. 1 Loudspeakers. $299. Elegant and refined, the Chorus 615 tower speaker is built using 2. If you’re already familiar with the Dôme or Dôme Flax speakers, there are probably few surprises for you here, but never having laid my front paws on either, I found myself a little perplexed at first. In this case it seems more appropriate than ever, and the family resemblance between the Alpha 50 and CMS 40 is striking. 1 review Impressive on almost every level, these sexy style speakers serve up some serious sonic heft and impressive musicality Tested at £1000. 1 speakers, 5. The pair are two consecutive serial numbers as you can see in the pictures. I’ve been enjoying these speakers for quite a while now, as I owned them for a few months already. Other Notes: "Like all the high-end loudspeakers in the Electra 1000 Be 2 range, the Electra 1038 Be floorstanding loudspeakers has benefitted from new components and settings. 1st owner speakers, bought new, excellent condition. The Focal Chorus IW 706 V speakers offer plenty of options to adjust the sound to how you like it, while integrating easily into the wall for convenience. We got the exclusive on the Elear review sample. 00 Focal Chorus CC700 Shielded Center Channel $ 649. Hi Ash great review. The Focal engineers are so impressed with the potential of this material that you will see it used in many of the brands finest loudspeakers in the future, for both car audio and home audio lines. Focal has been making some radical changes to its entry-level loudspeakers. The new Focal Aria 900 speakers are not yet available but will eventually replace the 800V series as those sell down. Their reputation for producing high quality speakers that produce captivating sound is well established. Focal’s headphones have been mostly middle market and solid as far as sound is concerned, but nothing in the company’s catalogue prepared us for the arrival of the Utopias. They’re packed with Focal’s renowned audio tech, such as beryllium tweeters and W-sandwich driver cones, as well as some new sonic witchcraft. Focal, the legendary French speaker manufacturer will drastically up its headphone game with new launches later this month. “Focal products offer unrivaled sound quality. Sound comes into its own in your listening room, with a dynamic mid-range, doubled bass and high power. Shopping for focal speakers review? Since 1974 our Virginia-based Advisors have loved helping folks find the right gear. Get great deals on eBay! Under review here is the Focal Kanta No. Ideal for Home Theater systems. View all tests, ratings and awards for the focaldimension and read expert reviews. com Simply put, Focal's Custom OD 108 outdoor speakers are amongst the finest I've ever heard in their category. The limited output of this factory is the main reason why samples were in short supply in the first months of production, but it saved my back on the stairs! Focal North America showed off its newest lines of custom integration speakers at its 2015 event in Phoenix, Arizona. Focal makes products in six categories: 1) high-fidelity speakers, 2) home cinema, 3) multimedia and wireless, 4) headphones, 5) monitoring and pro studio, and 6) custom and public address. 5" 2 WAY COMPONENT SPEAKERS, p165 v15 - focal 6. Like all the high-end loudspeakers in the Electra 1000 Be 2 range, the Electra 1038 Be floorstanding loudspeakers has benefitted from new components and settings. Focal’s Dôme Flax speaker system. Free delivery and free returns on eBay Plus items. One interesting note - The Focal logo can rotate so it stays upright even if you use one of their speakers as a center channel Sib Evo 5. Please let me know what my next step would be. 1 system. Those upgrading to the Focal Dimension from built-in TV speakers or a less-capable soundbar are in for an instant treat. Given its name, and Focal's traditional numbering structure, one can only assume more Kanta models For sale is a pair of Focal 726v floorstanding speakers. The Chorus 800V series is the second from the bottom of the four families of speakers Focal designs for two-channel home audio. Â They have product lines for the home, professional studio and even your car. 5 140 watts 2-way component speakers system, Car Speakers Focal permanently invents new solutions to integrate a quality sound whatever the conditions, in-wall, on-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers. Focal Aria 948 Loudspeakers reviewed in The Absolute Sound by Julie Mullens. Overall, I think this headphone out resolves hyper-detailed headphones such as the HE1000, SR-009, and HD800 and then improves on their desirable traits. Factory speakers are designed to provide sound quality that’s “passable. At Focal, sound quality is religion and the Utopia Be Kit N°6 Active demonstrates their passion for quality and high-performing speakers. " - Kelly Ragsdale from Columbia Theatre "Focal Audio was a vital part of the success of our Theophilus Youth Conference. Externally the device is almost a perfect cube, resting on small legs. Boasting powerful sound in an impressively compact size, these bookshelf speakers will deliver a faithful reproduction of your music or a movie's audio track without looming large in your home office, den or living room. Focal Dome // 5. The W series rarely come for sale as they have many attributes of the higher end, much more expensive lines and many think they sound better than the Aria line (Don't confuse the W series with the "V" series). Some people want their systems loud, some want soft, some want bright, some want dull; seen it all. theabsolutesound. I envision it being a welcome and lasting addition to a bedroom or small TV room home theater setup. Of course, our interest here is in No. Focal introduced the Sopra series in 2015, at the time there were two models, the No. Focal is a French manufacturer well-known for high-end no-compromise designs. verdict focal sib evo dolby atmos 5. Most factory speakers are made without sound imaging in mind. TM Vented. 1 surround sound speaker system delivers precise and rich sound from a small and versatile package. A statement of superior engineering making a point. Home Reviews Review: Focal Kanta n°2. By Alan Branch Get Focal Car Speakers in your ride, and experience a whole new world of sound. Focal Kanta 2 (New Model) New in the Focal’s latest speaker pack is such an obvious idea I’m surprised I haven’t come across something like it sooner. As I sit here in my sweet spot listening to yet another new pair of speakers, I am floored at what I am hearing from them. Subwoofer Focal Cub 3 A compact Cub 3 sub belongs to the theatrical Focal line and is designed for combined work with the branded satellites. 8 MK11 and a set of Image 414 MK11 as well, both in different systems, upon fist hearing the Focal 816V ‘s I immediately though WOW here’s something special at an affordable price so took them home for the weekend. although i am not a fan of loud listening and my listening is limited to classical, jazz and folk mostly i wonder how the tweeter went quite in the SVS speakers balance audiophile refinement and accuracy with stunning, high-impact home theater dynamics to reveal the full depth, detail and emotion of music, movies, TV shows and all audio content. The 26-model Chorus V range has replaced the 54 models of the Chorus S and Cobalt S ranges. Our speaker design process involves sophisticated prototyping, extensive acoustic simulations, anechoic and real-world testing and the use of Focal Electra 1000 Be Series Focal has all its bases covered with the Electra 1000 Be Series of speakers. Focal has a lot of residential solutions today (like the Electra 1000 Be 2, Chorus 700V, and Custom 100 lines), but they’re now moving even further into the market with some brand new Focal custom integration speakers. Review by Steve Douglas. 1 Multimedia Sound System www. Daniel at Focal Audio is professional, courteous and a master mixer; extremely knowledgeable and adaptable. FOCAL 300 ICW 8 Focal has Flax appeal Richard Stevenson finds these in-ceiling speakers easy to fit and loveLy to listen to Coaxial in-ceiling speaker with 8in midbass driver Largest in-ceiling 300 Series model PEERS: KEF Ci200RR-THX; GoldenEar Invisia 650 For the ultimate home cinema install, an in-ceiling speaker is appealing. Focal ps165 Review. The Cub Evo ported active subwoofer is designed to complement the Sib Evo Dolby Atmos and Satellite speakers. This year Focal followed these with centre and surround speakers and a new floorstander, the Sopra N°3. ” You want more than that. The speakers, grills, and stands condition are like new. Focal Solo6 Powered Studio Monitor Review Studio monitors, otherwise known as audio monitor speakers, are a vital part of the studio set up. The Echo Dot takes Amazon's popular smart home speaker and wraps it in an ultra-affordable package -- but the Google Home Mini is a very worthy competitor. Focal’s latest launch, a trio of two-way nearfield active monitors in the form of the Shape 40, Shape 50 and Shape 65, is billed as a rethink of the company’s approach to nearfield studio monitors, with these new models being optimised for small-acoustic spaces such as those typically found in home, project and post-production studios. Focal Chorus 706V The Chorus 706 V is the epitome of a reference, compact loudspeaker: a true Focal tradition. This Sib range of speakers comprises a complete home theater system of satellite speakers with an active subwoofer. 5-way technology in a premium hifi configuration. Morel’s subsidiary, Morel America, was founded in 2004. Focal’s latest speaker pack is such an obvious idea I’m surprised I haven’t come across something like it sooner. com Headphones Home Speakers iPod & MP3 Players. We sell raw speaker drivers (tweeters, woofers, subwoofer, midrange drivers, full range drivers), speaker kits, amplifiers, capacitors, resistors, and inductors. Dôme has been designed and declined in two models with specific technologies to make rediscover true sound, without encroaching upon your living space. In Wall/In Ceiling Speakers : Free Shipping on orders over $45 at Overstock. Focal offers a wide variety of home theater–friendly loudspeakers, not to mention studio monitors, headphones, automotive audio, and custom installation products. Focal (pronounced Fo-call) has been making loudspeakers for the home, car and professional applications for decades. Premium French loudspeaker manufacturer Focal-JMlab has been designing and selling high-fidelity audio systems since 1979. com - Your Online In Wall/In Ceiling Speakers Store! Get 5% in rewards with Club O! Focal Profile 908 for sale. Add sound to your TV or any room today! This Focal speaker pack successfully meets the challenge of producing hifi sound and guaranteeing astonishing flexibility of use, whether for home cinema or music listening. The REF-9623ix has a sensitivity rating of 94 dB, which is the highest of the speakers we reviewed. Dôme’s sleek and timeless design makes this 2-way loudspeaker suitable for all living spaces whether on a table, mounted to a wall or an optional stand. The Focal Audio speakers just had a fuller sound but I've never heard of this brand. Audio Plus Services announced the Focal Viva Utopia and Viva Center Utopia loudspeakers, new models dedicated to the specific demands of reference home theater and multichannel applications. And everything becomes possible. focal home speakers review