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free case law database Free Case Law/Legal Research Web Sites. g. S. Criminal law concerns the system of legal rules that define what conduct is classified as a crime and how the government may prosecute individuals that commit crimes. Information You Need to Find a Court Record Online. This may be a deal-breaker if you have a legal secretary or staff who would need shared access to your client database and documents. To search using lexisONE® Community, you need to select a jurisdiction (state case law search) or court (federal case law search) and then formulate your search. Ravel Law includes federal and state case law research service with unique visual presentation of results. You can locate a case if you know: Join over 214,000 law students who have used Quimbee to achieve academic success in law school through expert-written outlines, a massive bank of case briefs, engaging video lessons, comprehensive practice exams with model answers, and practice questions. Search for judgments against a person or business Display case information and activities Please note, the CourtConnect site is certified by ACS Government Solutions, a Xerox Company, to support This free website provides case law from all over the U. FindLaw. Case Law eLaw's digital library houses more than 80,000 judgments from the Industrial Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal/Supreme Court of Malaysia, dating all the In many cases, the judge determines issues of law, while the jury (or judge sitting without a jury) determines findings of fact. Federal District and Bankruptcy Courts. ClinicCases is web-based case management software designed specifically for law school clinics. Using the OR Connector. When your results come up, choose "Florida courts" in the left-hand bar to see only Florida cases. case law. Home / Our Sources / About Us / FAQs / Advanced Search. It provides free online access to most legal documents that may be relevant to cases involving core international crimes. The CCH, LexisNexis and Thomson Reuters databases can only be accessed at a Law Society Library unless you already subscribe. Run a search for case summaries or select a jurisdiction to browse applicable laws. Each person who requests information through this search function is responsible for ensuring the information is not used for purposes other than those allowed by law. This includes resources pertaining to constitutions, statutes, cases and more. Internet Sources for Intellectual Property Case Law This non-exhaustive compilation lists links to publicly and freely accessible online databases that contain court decisions or decisions of administrative bodies in the field of intellectual property law, or extracts of such decisions. In addition to the official Law Reports, ICLR publishes the Weekly Law Reports, the Industrial Cases Reports, the Business Law Reports, the Public and Third Sector Law Reports, and the Consolidated Index to leading law reports. The McGill Law Journal and the Western Journal of Legal Studies are now on CanLII 2018-08-16 📖 Adding Public Legal Education Materials on CanLII Commentary 📖 A case law collection providing comprehensive and timely coverage so you have everything you need when conducting legal research. Department of Library Services . . Simply click the box next to each newsletter you would like to receive, enter your email address, then click the “Subscribe” button. VersusLaw is a comprehensive and inexpensive legal research site providing fully searchable case law, legal decisions and legal opinions from state and federal appellate courts. Fast Case is a legal research database provided free-of-charge to members of the Florida Bar and is available to students on the list of law-related databases. Case law reports only contain details of court judgments for cases which raise a point of legal significance. Free Full-text Online Law Review/Law Journal Search Engine This free search engine searches the free full-text of over 300 online law reviews and law journals, as well as document repositories hosting academic papers and related publications such as Congressional Research Service reports. Doing a case law search may be as easy as entering specific keywords or citation into a search engine. You can locate a case if you know: The Southern African Legal Information Institute publishes legal information for free public access which comprises mainly of case law from South Africa. PLoL is the best starting place to find law on the Web. Hi Friends, The team at FastCase have announced the largest free online US case law database at The Public Library of Law at plol. The combined U. 46 so that members of the public can better protect themselves and their families. Complete database listing. Please consider using alternatives such as CiviCRM (civicrm. This selection of case summaries has been prepared by the legal professionals at LawTeacher. The unreported case search page can be accessed at:= – Unreported Case Laws Search for High Court, Court of Appeal & Federal Court cases 0 Responses legalhack , Malaysia Case law search , Malaysia Court of Appeal , Malaysia Federal Court , Malaysia High Court , Malaysia Industrial Court , Malaysia Industrial Court case search , Malaysian The ADA Case Law Database is a comprehensive search tool that provides information pertaining to significant rulings under the Employment (Title I), Local and State Government (Title II) and Places of Public Accommodations (Title III) provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This website provides information on registered sex offenders pursuant to California Penal Code § 290. Also contains the full text of cases from 19 other series of UK and EU law reports, as well as the full text of all UK and EU legislation. Many Canadian courts publish decisions of the court shortly after the decisions are released. Access to these records is governed by the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records. Free Law Project is proud to share that in our effort to create the most complete online collection of opinions, today we added 24 Attorney General advisory opinions relating to the Emoluments Clause and dating from 1952 to 2009. Links from these pages to other sites do not constitute an endorsement by The Law Engine!™, OnlyEngines. Offers full-text searching of state and federal court opinions. bailii. LexisNexis, Thomson Reuters and CCH databases can only be accessed at a Law Society Library. A case law collection providing comprehensive and timely coverage so you have everything you need when conducting legal research. Use the OR connector to link search words that are synonyms, antonyms, alternative spellings, or abbreviations. Justis provides access to large collections of case law and legislation from around the world. RECAP is an online archive and free extension for Firefox and Chrome that improves the experience of using PACER, the electronic public access system for the U. This feature enables you to “drag the net” through a group of free law-related Web resources. Free Internet Legal Information - Popular Resources. Maryland Judiciary Case Search Disclaimer This website provides public access to the case records of the Maryland Judiciary. Coverage dates back to the 1830s to current. Access a robust collection of cases that you need for your legal matter. The site is GREAT! The database of cases includes all of the Supreme Court cases and US Court of Appeals cases since 1950 (the same data FastCase recently presented to the Legal Commons project) AND US state case law since 1997 for all 50 states in nice FindLaw's Cases and Codes section contains resources and links for both state and federal laws. Over 18,000 law report and journal series are currently indexed, and the database includes over five million cases and law journal articles from around the world. Opinions Search – Supreme Court of Virginia and Court of Appeals of Virginia. Use these websites to search for other legal materials, including government publications, legal organizations, trade and industry groups, attorneys, law schools, law libraries, library catalogs, legal publishers, foreign and international material, and other sources related to the study and practice of law. Justia › US Law › US Case Law › US Supreme Court › Volume 1 Receive free daily summaries of new US Supreme Court opinions. Until recently, case law has not been widely available on the Internet, leaving researchers with no choice but to seek out print reporters and commercial electronic databases to locate Extensive free online legal research begins with Lexisweb – legal search engine. Only exclusive journal on Competition Laws, featuring articles, national and international developments & news. 1, 2015, Loislaw is now the Loislaw Libraries on Fastcase! We've worked closely with Wolters Kluwer to combine Loislaw's must-have treatise libraries with Fastcase's smarter legal research tools. Also contains legislation, law commission reports constituent assembly debates, and more. Startup company Ravel Law is financing the law library’s Case briefs don’t have all of the facts, but they are a helpful guide for law students. The Legal Tools Database is the leading online resource for retrieval of legal sources in international criminal law. The Texas State Law Library serves the legal research needs of the Texas Supreme Court, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, the Texas Attorney General, other state agencies and commissions, and the citizens of Texas. org). They can be useful in class or in preparing for an exam. Justis Content Case law going back to 1163 including State Reports, English Reports and a number of other specialist series Use the dropdown 'SEARCH' menu and select 'IN CASE LAW DATABASE'. It indexes links to judgments, legislations, legal articles, law blogs, cases, courts, central and state departments etc. The Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (CALI)'s Free Law Reporter (FLR) is an electronic case reporter that freely publishes nearly every recent appellate and supreme court opinion, from state to federal U. Supreme Court opinions, federal courts by circuit, all federal circuits combined, individual states or state court opinions combined. The UK is a common law country and as such judgments and case law are particularly important as the doctrine of precedent applies. Case Law DRAGNET stands for “Database Retrieval Access using Google’s New Electronic Technology,” a specialized search engine that was developed by librarians at the New York Law School. most of the content of case law databases at Legifrance is not indexed by any search engine; depending on your query, about 10 to 50% of the free French legal web pages available on the Web will not be in the search engine's results; Search Results. Be careful with the free case law databases that you find on the Internet, most of them only include cases decided in the last 6 to 8 years. Supreme Court cases with annotations provided by the legal community at large. Please click on the "Search by Content Type" box in the upper right, and see the "Federal and State Cases" database under the "Legal" category. The Judge Ben C. Australasian Legal Scholarship Library. Generally, check the website of the deciding court to see if they provide digital copies of their cases. Case List By Attorney Use the By Docket Number search to locate the Court docket sheet for a specific docket number. Legal Research | Use Legal. An overview of US courts and procedure covering ADR, Appellate Procedure, Civil Procedure, Court Rules, Criminal Procedure, Damages, Equity, Federal Courts, Evidence, Injunctions, Judicial Ethics, Jurisdiction, Pleading, Remedies and Trial Practice and including relevant Federal and State legislation and case law databases and links to other Public Records. Comprehensive collection of modern British and Irish caselaw (in most courts) going back to around 1997. The website’s infrastructure allows users access the most comprehensive collection of Pakistani case-law and legal information, with the various search options enabling our users to arrive at precise results. The respondent had done some work for the owner of a hotel as the result of which he had a quarrel with the owner, got drunk and set fire to the hotel in revenge. These cases are also available on the Bailii site. Caselaw (free) [see also Courts and Tribunals and under the subject area]. Today, the internet has opened up a host of case law search possibilities, and many sources offer free access to case law. See Gateway to Maryland Law for links to Maryland Code, COMAR, and Maryland County and Municipal codes. Findlaw-New York Legal Research Advanced Search mode is suitable for finding a particular case when you have details that describe the case at hand e. The FRA Case-law Database provides a compilation of Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) and European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) case law with direct references to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Try an advanced search. Search Court Cases On-line. constitutional law cases include Attorney General v X (1992). This site provides a database of 'leading Irish cases' classified by subject, e. Search Trial Court Cases The Alaska Trial Courts include the superior and district courts. Welcome to the California Department of Justice Megan’s Law Website where California is embracing technology to enhance community safety. It is derived from the USPTO main database for administering trademarks and includes data on mark characteristics, prosecution events, ownership, classification free All content is free for all to use, as we are supported by our strategic partners who utilize Casebriefs ™ to connect to the Higher Education and Professional Markets Register for your FREE Casebriefs ™ Account To search Google Scholar for cases, put your search into the box below, then hit enter. Over 1,300 sites are currently included. FindLaw's Learn About the Law section is the perfect starting point. At Florida Administrative Law Reports (FALR) we are committed to providing the best legal online database for Florida case law, case preparation, research and analysis… Read More Legal Publishing To search Google Scholar for cases, put your search into the box below, then hit enter. Keyword Search: If you are searching for a brief by docket number, please enter 4 digits after the dash (Example A16-0123 or ADM14-8123). Free and open source, you can install it on your own server or use our secure hosting service. Search legal materials such as case opinions, laws and analytical materials on most legal topics Many services offer features such as emailing and downloading to save time and money Off-site access to select databases such as Legal Information Reference Center and LA Law Library digital brief repository. Finding a Case Law Database Type a description of cases that you want to search in the Search these databases box in the left frame of the Law School tab page and click GO . Try a keyword or terms & connector search on Lexis Advance , Westlaw , or CasemakerX. Supreme Court decisions since 1760. Volume 1, United States Supreme Court Opinions. com is the #1 source for free online legal information. Case Law eLaw's digital library houses more than 80,000 judgments from the Industrial Court, High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal/Supreme Court of Malaysia, dating all the CaseCheck is an extensive free database of court cases and case law from the Supreme Court, English & Welsh Courts, Scottish Courts and European courts related to personal injury. , The Law Offices of Christopher Thompson, West Islip, New York. Google Scholar has cases from the California Supreme Court and Court of Appeal, starting from 1934. The current emphasis is on common law countries, but this is being gradually extended to include civil law jurisdictions as well. An important part of this relationship is filing documents by each state's mandatory deadlines in strict adherence with a court's or agency's rules. , but searches can be narrowed down to include only Florida cases using the Advanced Search option. Employment discrimination complaints in the federal government are handled by the agency involved. Learn About the Law features informational articles about a wide variety of legal topics, as well as specific information about subjects such as how to hire an attorney and understanding your state's unique laws. Organizes free legal research websites, search engines and databases. Use the OR connector to find documents that contain either or both of the words or phrases linked by OR. On-site access to online databases Our law library subscribes to a range of case law databases and products that can only be accessed on-site, due to licensing restrictions. org. All of FindLaw. An alternative to traditional online legal research systems, VersusLaw provides access to federal and state case law, as well as, federal statutes and regulations, legal news, and forms. UK Cases. com’s free online legal research tool to find the law Your search can be for a specific case or statute: (examples) 11 USC 362 384 U. Fastcase includes 50-state and federal case law databases. Alternatively, you can check the individual case database "index" or home pages for this information. Case law from the Superior and Appellate Courts in England and Wales, including ICLR's Law Reports and Weekly Law Reports. Choose "Legal documents" to search case law for individual states or all states. Justia allows you to search by a combination of case name, jurisdiction, law suit type and date. Treaties Harvard’s law library is removing the spines of most of its books and scanning the pages for a free Internet database of U. All of the cases published in the reporters are also available in full text on Westlaw. The docket number is also known as the case number. Justia Free Databases of US Law, Case Law, Codes, Statutes & Regulations The Justis database has documents in full text whilst JustCite is a search and citator tool which provides links through to full text available in other databases. Maryland Judiciary Case Search (How to Use It) The Maryland Judiciary Case Search is a free service offered by the Maryland courts to allow individuals, lawyers and the general public access limited court records and information for pending and past legal cases in Maryland Courts. Subscribe. tabbed Law School page and the online Westlaw Directory to find appropriate databases and their identifiers. eLaw. Lawyers and other legal professionals generally equate "case law" research with "legal research," looking for cases to serve as precedent to help their case or attack the opposition's case. courts. my is Malaysia's largest database of court judgments and legislation, streamlined in a powerful, yet user-friendly engine for busy legal professionals like yourself. Practice and case management software provides attorneys with a convenient method of effectively managing client and case information, including contacts, calendaring, documents, and other specifics by facilitating automation in law practices. Search U. The database may be software for stand-alone or networked computers or it may be web-based with the server off-site. Daily Law Notes is a 24 hour free online service provided by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting of summaries and updates of decisions from the High Court at the Royal Courts of Justice, the House of Lords, the Privy Council, the European Court of Justice, and the Employment Appeals Tribunal The "Free the Law" initiative will include the entire collection of U. Download Legal Case Management System for free. Manage MyAlerts Sign In To Follow Share. When reading a case, click the "How Cited" button at the top of the screen to find other cases that have cited the case. To find a case according to its meta data (names of parties, case number, and date of delivery, case year etc) one need not fill in all the fields. You will need this in order to locate the report of a case. This project has not been updated for at least 10 years. Additional information about these courts is available on the Alaska Trial Courts page. If you don't know which law report a case appears in you can use JustCite to locate it. It's one of the largest online law libraries in the world. Current Duke students, faculty and staff can access the full text of Fastcase with a NetID and password. Start your 30-day Free Trial of MyCase now - powerful & easy to use web-based legal practice management software perfect for the small law firm, MyCase let's you manage your practice from anywhere, even from your phone. The major legal research databases can be prohibitively expensive for some researchers. Several are accessible via this website; others are available at your local law library. Casetext is a legal research resource that provides case summaries, key facts of each case, annotations provided by its crowdsourced community of over 200,000 visitors each month (think Wikipedia for case law), and advanced search tools. A case citation is a reference to a legal case in the law reports. Federal case law and court documents are often available online for free, particularly if the case was decided recently. Federal, state, and local governments all have penal codes that explain the specific crimes that they prohibit and the punishments The Catchlines Search form searches for term(s) in the index documents; the Case Law Search will search for term(s) within the cases. The 'Court level' dropdown option on the search page allows you to select which court level to search. Justia provides free case law, codes, regulations and legal information for lawyers, business, students and consumers world wide. Search over 5,500,000 state and Federal court opinions. 1 million trademark applications filed with or registrations issued by the USPTO between 1870 and February 2018. PLoL is one of the largest free law libraries in the world, because we assemble law available for free scattered across many different sites -- all in one place. Search Cases Search ☰ Menu Massachusetts Cases. com. Free Case Law Help Formulating Free Case Law Searches. If you need assistance finding records, consider seeking help from your local library, the Indiana State Library, or the Indiana Supreme Court Law Library. ). Caselaw Database This is a database of positive domestic, regional and international legal decisions from around the world regarding economic, social and cultural rights. LexisNexis Academic—Legal Research Once into the LexisNexis Academic database, choose “State Case Law” and “North Carolina. The Law Library contains a comprehensive collection of legal materials of over 70,000 volumes and is a repository for publications produced under grants from the State Justice Institute. It generally includes the Washington State Legal - Criminal Case Law Notebook 2015 Written and edited by King County Superior Court Judge Ronald Kessler, the Washington criminal case law notebook is the premier treatise on Unfortunately, the free Maryland case law databases on the web only have cases dating back a few years. Legal Case Summaries. The major research databases, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law have most of the cases published in the reporters. This free search engine searches the free full-text of over 300 online law reviews and law journals, as well as document repositories hosting academic papers and related publications such as Congressional Research Service reports. As of Dec. Your experimental group (Law & Order) is not measured in the same way the control group (real cases) was measured. No matter how old they are, cases remain binding law until they are overruled by other cases or until the law is changed by statute or regulation. Legal Research Meta Search for Lawyers, Advocates and Students. British and Irish Legal Information Institute. Case Number: 102004/2016. net. BAILII utilises the Sino free text search engine and a suite of hypertext mark-up, web indexing and case law capture applications devised by information systems pioneers at the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) and has shared their prior expertise with minimal metadata, search and hypertext facilities. Federal Sector Appellate Decisions. By Christopher Thompson, Esq. The other selected free websites can be accessed from practitioners own computers. Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of U. Lawyers - Get Listed Now! Get a free directory profile listing Relevant legislation, case law and guidance relating to bullying and related issues. The Trademark Case Files Dataset contains detailed information on 9. Free case law is available on a range of platforms: AustLII - contains a large collections of cases from all major courts and tribunals from the Federal and State jurisdictions. FindLaw for Legal Professionals(Thompson Reuters) Includes case law, case summaries, statutes, legal search engine, legal news, RSS court updates, and practice information. ” Students, faculty and staff with aPirate ID and password may gain access from off-campus. Supreme Court opinions are browsable by year and U. Volume 1. Students and lawyers are encouraged to submit case briefs! Researchers can browse by region or country or search for a language, and find out where it is spoken, the number of speakers, the language's classification and related languages, and the current status of the language on a scale that indicates to what extent the language is thriving, developing, endangered or dying. Reports volume number, and are searchable by party name, case title, citation, full text and docket number. Once you are sworn in, it is beneficial to play with some of the search tools. INSTITUTE: UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA HASTINGS COLLEGE OF THE LAW. FindLaw. Primary sources of law. EUR-Lex offers access to EU law, case-law by the Court of Justice of the European Union and other public EU documents as well as the authentic electronic Official Journal of the EU – in 24 languages. and pay only if Start your 30-day Free Trial of MyCase now - powerful & easy to use web-based legal practice management software perfect for the small law firm, MyCase let's you manage your practice from anywhere, even from your phone. We are not responsible for and do not control or monitor the content of these sites or the accuracy of information found therein. Competition Law Report - CLR. PCT Case Law Database The PCT Case Law Database contains legal and administrative decisions from national courts and regional administrative bodies in and operating for PCT Contracting States. Journals & Scholarship. Federation of Law Societies of Canada . Students and lawyers are encouraged to submit case briefs! The way you only counted one case or trial per episode makes a comparison to real NYPD cases scientifically invalid. This is a quick overview of the available features of Google's free, full-text case law search. Searches of case law can also be done using a variety of other free and commercial services. The online case search is used to find basic information on a case and its location. A good case management database contains both immigration forms and client-specific information. Casetext Searchable database including all U. com™, any of our other search portals, or Goldberger & Associates. This excellent starting point for Massachusetts legal research includes numerous research guides on Massachusetts law, links to primary source materials such as Massachusetts city and town bylaws, and (with free membership) remote access to HeinOnline. Select a case below to see a full summary or start typing a case name in the filter box below to find a particular case summary: To use, select "Case law" and then "California courts" using the buttons underneath the search box. REPORT JURY VERDICTS IN WRONGFUL TERMINATION CASES by David J. Keep your focus on clients. Harvard’s law library is removing the spines of most of its books and scanning the pages for a free Internet database of U. com’s newsletters are free, and available in HTML and plain text formats. To subscribe to Inter Alia, our occasional newsletter, please enter your contact information below. 436 Or you can search more broadly: This commercial site offers databases of state and federal case law. District court case law file contains all case law from 1789 to current. Green Law Library is dedicated to providing outstanding service and information access to support the Case Western Reserve University School of Law’s commitment to eminence in teaching, research and scholarship that changes lives and deepens understanding. www. Other useful databases: Box of Broadcasts (BOB) : Innovative shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for UK higher and further education institutions. This search feature provides access to information that helps move cases through the workers' compensation court system efficiently. +27 12 420 2235/6 . Over 15,000 law report and journal series are currently indexed with nearly 5 million cases and law journal articles in the database from around the world. Florida Courts Websites Each court in Florida has its own website and many publish their court opinions online. Law and motion practice is inextricably tied to the courts. Free for one month and pay only if you like it. (names of parties, case number, case year etc). You didn't go into law to manage databases, shuffle paperwork, or log how you spend your days down to the quarter-hour; however, maintaining case files, related documents, client information, and billable time is essential to the success of your law firm. Cases decided more than 8 years ago may still be binding law. Connecticut legal resources for researching Connecticut cases, courts, laws, rules, ordinances, regulations, decisions. The search engines on court sites are usually less sophisticated than those used by CanLII and the commercial publishers. There are, however, a number of online alternatives that are either free or less expensive than Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw. It can be used to share information with other attorneys All Databases. AccessToLaw is a gateway site, providing annotated links to selected UK, Commonwealth and worldwide free legal web sites. Late in the evening of November 16, Google (sort of) announced a free, searchable caselaw (case law) database available via its Google Scholar search. Court Service - A gateway to UK courts and tribunals. Emphasis is on common law countries but this is gradually being extended to include civil law jurisdictions. Massachusetts SJC and Appeals Court Cases If you know the citation, use: case law - (civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions common law , precedent service - (law) the acts performed by an English feudal tenant for the benefit of his lord which formed the consideration for the property granted to him Public Access to Court Information Case Search The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 177 out of 184 courts in Arizona. This means that the judgment of each case can bind all subsequent cases depending on the seniority of the court (the court system has a hierarchical structure. Also includes case summaries, a citator service, access to legislation, and individual profiles in order to manage complex research. California Continuing Legal Education (MCLE), online and in-person, from Internet For Lawyers focuses on teaching attorneys, paralegals, law librarians, law firm administrators, law firm marketing departments and lawyers how to effectively research legal, business and investigative information online, in individual, one-on-one training, small and large group seminars. PUBLIC LAW RESEARCH. DRAGNET stands for “Database Retrieval Access using Google’s New Electronic Technology,” a specialized search engine that was developed by librarians at the New York Law School. Case-law Database. If the individual who filed the complaint does not agree with the agency's decision, he or she can file an appeal with the EEOC. The text-searchable decisions are those in which PCT issues have been referenced, raised or considered. A case in a West reporter is shown on the last page of this guide. Search for a case on the European Court of Justice website Competition Law Report - CLR. NZLII provides free access to New Zealand legal information and is funded solely through grants and donations. ; Law via the Internet Conference 2018, Florence, Italy, 11-12 October 2018 - Call for papers Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is an electronic public access service that allows users to obtain case and docket information online from federal appellate, district, and bankruptcy courts, and the PACER Case Locator. Waiver of EU case-law is made up of judgments from the European Union's Court of Justice, which interpret EU legislation. Use Legal. Select "Case Law" before you search. If a case is not too old, it is possible to check a case’s validity using free databases of court cases. Case law, also known as precedent or common law, is the body of prior judicial decisions that guide judges deciding issues before them. These publications are made available to Judges throughout the state. Find access to cases, codes and free legal information for lawyers and consumers at LP. Please support us by making a contribution today. Search Pennsylvania free public records including statewide, county, and city databases for births, deaths, marriage, corporations, court records, criminal records, property records, and much more. When searching for cases, particularly older cases, you should check the AustLII databases page to ensure that we hold cases from the court or tribunal and for the years in which you are interested. Enter the terms you are searching for and click 'Search'. Jung, Professor of Law and Director, Public Law Research Institute, October Keyword Search: If you are searching for a brief by docket number, please enter 4 digits after the dash (Example A16-0123 or ADM14-8123). Try a keyword search on a free Internet databases, such as Google Scholar, Findlaw, or the Public Library of Law. The researcher enters the case name as a search term, and reviews any cases that contain the name. Your query will search opinions from the Supreme Court of Virginia (6/9/95 – present) and the Court of Appeals of Virginia (published opinions from 5/2/95 – present, and unpublished opinions from 3/5/02 – present). Databases offered by the Trial Court Law Libraries Library cardholders can access a number of databases for no charge. We have been at the at the forefront of the digital dissemination of legal information for over 30 years, and are trusted by law firms, barristers, government Free database with a "google-like" search engine (can search by act, name of party, and subject for all Indian courts and tribunals) , especially strong for current and historical caselaw. Cases & Legislation. Its search results offer information about cases filed, including the docket number, but does not offer the full docket itself (very similar to Wisconsin’s CCAP). The Public Case History is a tool that allows you to look up the status of cases in the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and Court of Criminal Appeals through the case management system of the Appellate Court Clerk’s Office known as C-Track. Constitution (photos 1, 2). State of the art search engine Tailor made for legal search and Law database Search in Headnote, Court, Judge, Order or combinations with unexpected ease Start your 30-day Free Trial of MyCase now - powerful & easy to use web-based legal practice management software perfect for the small law firm, MyCase let's you manage your practice from anywhere, even from your phone. Harvard Law School’s collection comprises 40,000 books containing approximately 40 million pages of court decisions, including original materials from cases that predate the U. Try out our Premium Member services: Virtual Legal Assistant, Query Alert Service and an ad-free experience. Maryland Judiciary Maryland appellate opinions from 1995. These case summaries provide greater awareness about global ESCR issues, effective litigation strategies, progressive jurisprudence, and creative implementation tactics. Fastcase is a comprehensive, nationwide law library, including case law, statutes, regulations, court rules, constitutions, and law review articles. This commercial site offers databases of state and federal case law. We regret to inform you that the University of Pretoria law library has terminated their agreement with SAFLII to provide you with consolidated up-to-date legislation and regulations, rendering us unable to give you full free access to South African legislation through this website, as has been the case till now, in terms of that agreement. CaseCheck is an extensive free database of court cases and case law from the Supreme Court, English & Welsh Courts, Scottish Courts and European courts related to personal injury. Houdiniesq is law firm case management software, free for solos to use on your desktop for a single user. Searching over 5,500,000 cases. Companies House - Searchable database of all UK companies - company reports can be purchased online. Welcome. Our unique software brings you new ways to search, interpret and analyse legal information. Both have a 'phrase search' check box if you want the your search terms treated as a phrase. DRAGNET: Search of Free Legal Databases DRAGNET stands for "Database Retrieval Access using Google's New Electronic Technology," a specialized search engine that enables users to "drag the net" through a group of free law-related Web resources. A list of possible databases will be displayed. Legal research legal journals, legal terms, citations and more! Begin your legal research with LexisWeb. 15 April 2008. This site serves as a complement to the Law Library and Immigration Research Center (LLIRC) located within the headquarters complex of the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR). ” Over 18,000 law report and journal series are currently indexed, and the database includes over five million cases and law journal articles from around the world. HYAM'S LESSEE v. These include the following case law databases: Legal Online LexisNexis AU CCH IntelliConnect. Some of the exceptions identified in the Sunshine Law include personally identifying information, welfare records, personnel records, data relating to security systems, and any records whose disclosure might obstruct operations of government or law enforcement, or endanger the safety of government bodies or agents. for the law societies members of the. United States Supreme Court Cases. Depending on the relationship between the deciding court and the precedent, case law may be binding or merely persuasive. One of the defining features of the common law system is the emphasis placed on the precedential value of case law. Published opinions from Massachusetts courts. Family Law Newswatch is a site from Jordans which provides up to date news, cases and legislation. free case law database